October 7, 2008

Allie Finkle Trivia – Answer!

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Congratulations to Sarah! She correctly identified Meg Cabot herself as the inspiration for the character of Allie Finkle in my trivia post — check out this video, in which Meg reveals more about the story behind the story than she'd like . . .

— Jack, STACKS Intern

  1. Gabby912

    I love Allie’s outfit that I made her. My mom said that I should be a desighner(i think that’s how you spell it.) I love the fur coat that goes with her skirt, shirt, and shoes! Gabby912.:)

  2. danceblondie

    i love allie finkle i’ve read 1-6 they are all so good when is the 7th coming out? please friend me i need friends

  3. upy4mv

    I LOVE Allie books. she makes the awsomes boks. i can not wait for Stage Fright.CHRISTMAS!!! COMES OUT IT GOING TO BE SO AWSOME!!!

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