December 15, 2009

Allie Finkle New Covers. . . Uncovered!

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Move over Allie Finkle, here comes. . . Allie Finkle? That’s right, your favorite Allie Finkle books by Meg Cabot (actually ALL the books in Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series!) are getting a makeover with brand new covers! They’re not rolling onto bookshelves until 2010, but we’ve got a sneak peek at all the covers, including a first look at the brand spankin’ new cover of the next Allie Finkle book (#5) coming out in March 2010: Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out. Keep reading to get a look at each new cover.

 Allie_Finkle_1 Book #1: Moving Day

 Allie_Finkle_2 Book #2: The New Girl

 Allie_Finkle_3 Book #3: Best Friends and Drama Queens

 Allie_Finkle_4 Book #4: Stage Fright

 Allie_Finkle_5 Book #5: Glitter Girls and the Great Fake-Out
This book is not yet released! Look for it in March, 2010.

Write a Comment to let us know what you think of the new covers!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

BONUS WRITING PROMPT: In the book Stargirl, the main character’s real name is Susan but she calls herself “Stargirl.” If you could give yourself a new name, what would it be? Leave your answer in the Comments.

  1. mariel

    OMG! my friend told me about allie finkle and i got so interesting and i love reading the whole series!!!!! <3

  2. butterflyfashion205

    OMG!!! if i would choose a new name to call myself I guess it would be… GLITTERGIRL!!!!! LOL :) (:

  3. Taylor

    I never knew there was old covers! It’s 2012 now so…. yeah. I would name myself Aquamarine, because it is the name of my fave movie.

  4. best friends and drama queen

    hi allie i am a girl but i just dont like to till people but i love your books i read book 1,2 and i was reading book 3 but my teacher did not let me finsh because i was chieking it out a long time i had books 3 and 6 at school but i had to return them so i want all 6 books for chistmas

  5. Candytrophy

    I love books!! Ieven have like a gigantic sbook shelf full!! ican never get too tired to read a book!!

  6. M

    I would change my name to Jade only because I hate my name It is weird. Or I could change my name to Icy because it is cold here.

  7. sarah

    i love the new covers way more then the other ones. iv read all of the allie finkle books including blast from the past

  8. slushyelephant

    i think i wou;d call myself allie or alex i like those 2 names. my friends say allie REALLY fits me.

  9. natch

    i would probably name myself summer because my japanese name literally means summer and as well as my chinese name. i like the name summer as it is easy to remember and i LOVE summer. warm and nice. and everyone loveees summertime!!!

  10. SportsB76430

    I don’t really like the new covers. Not to be the badguy or anything but, why are they getting a makeover? They looked just fine. Oh and the Writing Prompt……Well, I would like to be called Amanda. Mandy for short, or Amber. Taylor is a good name too……..ummmmmmmmmmmm………..IDK. Anyway if any of you are reading this, come and check out my page, Yo! LOL! But, really. Please check out my page. Have fun everyone!! PS: I am new to this website. Could someone help me out?:) :D

  11. PeaceChica

    y r these books getting new covers? this stinks because allie finkle doesn’t look like allie finkle………..wat in the world is going on?! just leave it the way it is supposted to be, duh!!!
    watever. do wat u want:)

  12. Banana muffin99

    I Love the new covers,I have #5 with the new cover but not the rest!!I love the allie finkle series:)

  13. cookiedough76430

    my name would be jessica, i just LOVE that name! Oh and by the way, i have read 1-3 and i’m on book4. and i can’t wait for book5!

  14. cookiedough76430

    I liked the old covers and the old allie finkle, the new one looks more like a sixth grader:)

  15. funnycheering

    I love the new covers! Bonus Writing Prompt: I would call myself Ana. That really sounds like a good name! (Ana is another way to spell Anna.)

  16. i snack 2.0.26

    i have never read one of these books before but i have seen them at the book fair at school

  17. t_s

    i would be named Waffles. Please, do not ask why for i do not know the answer. The name is appealing to me and i find it very fitting for me :) WAFFLES!!!! :D

  18. cp224

    OMG!!! I love Ali Finkle! I was sooooooooooooo excited to find out there is going to be a 5th book!

  19. fr33dom!

    lolz! i would totally call myself Merlin. (like the hawk. not the magician.)But seriously i recommend the Merlin series to anyone that likes a good mythical/fictional adventure.

  20. bakers02

    I would probably name myself Dream. I am always daydreaming and not paying attention in class. I also love seeing good dreams when I am asleep!!
    Allie Finkle’s new covers ROCK!!

  21. aidencagebffls

    lol cage!! i would name myself cage cause its my bffls name n it would b funny 2 cause we have opposite names!!!

  22. alliefinklefan32

    mine would be dramagirl i loooooove acting thats why i like book4 stage fright
    p.s. i have all the books i’m pretty sure i’ll get the book5 glitter girls and the great fake out

  23. Rija

    I LOVE the Allie Finkle series! I think that the new covers look awsome! They look more exiting to read than the ones on the other books! If I could give myself a new name, it would be Shade!
    ps.Is Allie Finkle a real life girl question mark!!!!!
    (whenever I press the question mark button on my laptop, an E with an apostrophe come up)

  24. Ashley

    WOW!These covers are amazing.I wish I could have them all.Allie Finkle is just my favorite.I would name myself smiley because I’m always smiling.

  25. s

    WOW!I just LOVE the new covers!I am so getting one of the books!Because I am a BIG fan of Allie Finkle.I even want to name my cat Mewsie!{well i need to buy her first}But i can definetly say i am going to buy one of the books

  26. Kylie (sherbertgiggles)

    My name is Kylie. I would give myself the nickname: giggles. I am always laughing so yeah…

  27. Abby

    I would probably pick one of the following:
    1. Seraphim
    2. Nova
    3. Asphodel
    4. Lithany
    5. Evensong
    P.S.–How do you pronounce the last one?

  28. doglover80422

    OMG!I have the very first book of Allie Finkle or as Scott says,” Allie Stinkle”
    Anyways, I only have the very first Allie Finkle book. I really want the rest of the series.Where do you find them?Barnes and Nobles maybe????????Okay,so maybe not.But still, do you think that I could find some for free????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????HAHA!JK!{JUST KIDDING!!!!}

  29. Abby

    I would totally call myself Seraphim.
    Seraphim, or maybe Evensong, or maybe Phalen, or maybe Nova, or maybe Asphodel, or maybe Lithany…
    Yeah, that’s it. *nods decisively*

  30. obiwancrazy

    I have never read Stargirl but I’ll do this writing prompt. I would be either Jai Zem or I would make up a Marauder name like in Harry Potter… like if I were a phoenix Animagus would be Firefeathers, or Darkwing or something. Friend me!

  31. HeroineHiding

    Writing Prompt:
    If I could rename myself, I would totally go with the name Shadow. I actually call myself that in my head. I like this name because I love Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. The idea that I could be the child of one of the Greek Gods in my imagination really started this name(I have 2 loving parents who assure me that I’m theirs). I thought that if I were a daughter of Hades and Persephone who was born in the Underworld, I would be named Shadow. So that is really who I am, just like Stargirl.

  32. Sunshine_girl_3231

    I would call myself Nicole Chelsea or “Nikki Chelsea” because I really love the names Nikki and Chelsea. I also love the new covers.

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