November 14, 2009

Alien Invasion!

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Doom_machine_130 It seems likes books and movies about alien invasions are kind of a trend this month.
First there is Doom Machine, a new book by Mark Teague about a boy who sees a flying saucer hovering over his small town of Vern Hollow. Of course, no one believes him, but things are about to get very strange in this small town! Take a peek at the first chapter and play the Alien Attack video game on the Doom Machine website.

And now for an alien invasion from a completely different perspective — in the new movie Planet 51 (rated PG), an Earthling is the alien! American astronaut Chuck Baker lands on a distant planet for a routine mission, but finds a whole civilization of creatures already living there! They think he has come to take over their planet, and they act the way anyone would act if they saw an alien — terrified!
This trailer for the movie had me cracking up.

Want more alien invasions? Here are some of my childhood favorites:

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (rated PG)
THE classic alien movie about an adorable little space creature who gets separated from his ship and needs to get home or he will die. I cry every time I watch it. I don't know anyone who doesn't love this movie.

Can of Worms by Kathy Mackel

In this book, Mike feels like he doesn't fit in, and concludes he must be a higher life form from another planet. He sends out an S.O.S into the galaxy, but is not prepared when actual aliens show up at his door in response to his distress signal.

Fat Men from Space by Daniel Pinkwater

After a trip to the dentist, William discovers he can hear radio stations through his tooth. Not only that, he can hear intergalactic communications, and he discovers that aliens are on their way to earth to take over our supply of junk food. Can he stop them before it's too late?

Do you have a favorite alien invasion story — either true or in book/movie form? If you have actually seen a UFO, I definitely want to hear about it in the Comments!

—Sonja, STACKS staffer

  1. largebook

    my favorite alien book is……………………………………………………..not one but a whole series of……………………………………………………………………………..ANIMORPHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A U.F.O .

  2. Crystal

    I really want to read “The Doom Machine”! And, Planet 51 looks so cool! (I watched the trailer with my cousins.) I loved the part where the mother alien is telling her kid to take the medicine… XD

  3. Sophie

    this is part of a video game storyline , in the game evo the search for edan some martians plant crystils that reverse evolution on earth hoping to speed up evolution but ends up creating a giant evil volbox named bolbox that you must defaet to win the game

  4. Abby

    My favorite alien movies are:
    1. Signs-Stars Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix as brothers who must fight off alien invaders
    2. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)-Stars Keanu Reeves as the alien Klaatu who has come to destroy humanity in order to save the planet Earth
    3. Independence Day-Stars Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as two men, one an Air Force captain, one a scientist, who are racing to discover hostile alien invaders’ weakness before they suck the planet dry and kill everyone (a must-see!)

  5. Sophie

    In the movie Alien planet a pair of probes are sent to darwin 4; the 4th planet in the darwin soler systum. the opening lines are “An alien space craft shoots across the night sky, but this is not our sky and we are
    the invaders”. in the end a tribe eosapens
    destoys them

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