June 23, 2016

Adventures in Babysitting Would You Rather With Sofia Carson

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Sofia Carson Answers Our Would You Rather Questions

In the Disney TV movie Adventures in Babysitting, goody two-shoes Jenny (played by Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World) and artsy rebel Lola (played by Sofia Carson from Descendants) accidentally swap phones. As a result of the swap, Lola ends up babysitting for one of Jenny’s clients and getting into BIG trouble. The night turns into a chaotic adventure as Jenny and Lola hunt for one of the kids who snuck away.

Watch my video with Sofia Carson as she answers my Would You Rather questions. Would you rather . . .

sofia carson

Be best friends with Evie from Descendants OR Lola from Adventures in Babysitting?

Be best friends with Prince Charming from Descendants OR Jenny from Adventures in Babysitting?

Be a world-famous photographer OR a straight-A student?

Babysit the worst kids in the world OR owe $1000 in parking tickets?

If you could accidentally switch phones with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?

Do you have any babysitting rules or tips for a first-time babysitter?


Photo credit (Disney Channel/Ed Araquel)

Adventures in Babysitting airs Friday, June 24 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel. Will you be watching? Leave a Comment and answer the Would You Rather questions for yourself!


  1. ty

    3.Be a world -famous photographer.
    4. Babysit the worst kids in the world.
    5.I would chose Sofia Carson because I’m her world’s biggest fan.
    6.I would say just have fun, and it feels like a party every day.

  2. SK8ER63

    my twin sister

    yes, never give a two year old one whole liter of ginger ale just to get him/her to stop crying. It gives them a bad stomach problem and you get a really huge surprise in their pamper! I know. But Adventures In Babysitting was an awesome movie. They should make an Adventures In Babysitting 2.

  3. Sarah

    I love u Sofia and Sabrina I have similar clothes to Jenny and shoes I’ve even memorised the song wild side plz reply to me

  4. Nora

    1. Evie
    2. Jenny
    3. World famous photographer
    4. Babysit the worst kids in the world
    5. Peaton List ( from Jessie and BUNK’D ) because she is super cute and might have Ski Jackson, Karen Brar and Debbie Ryan’s contacts so I could call them.
    6. Yes, when you babysit little kids, go along with their GOOD ideas it will make them happy. Never go along with their bad ideas. Instead change the subject. It totally works!
    I love the Adventures in Babysititng movie! I think that Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter make another babysitting movie!!!

  5. dogpajamas113

    I like Jenny more than Lola. Maybe because I’m one of those ponytail perfect girls in class.

  6. dogpajamas113

    Hey Sofia Carson your awesome and so is Sabrina Carpenter. Love the song Wildside. Wish I could meet you!

  7. admiralsporty19

    my favorite of adventure in babysitting is the rap battle and my favorite rap from lola is in your first night out in the big bad city your cool girl daddy and my favorite from jenny is see i am more the miss spelling bee i really liked your show and i am a big fan of you guys bye!

  8. artisticeyes97

    1. Lola Perez
    2.Jenny Parker
    3.world famous photographer
    4.Babysit the worst kids in the world
    5.My friend Sarah because it would be fun
    6. take a babysitting class before hand in case the kid chokes or something and you don’t know what to do.

  9. BTS

    Idk Prince Charming
    World famous photographer
    1000 in parking tickets
    Kim Taehyung ( my favorite Kpop idol in the world

  10. bandbutterfly117

    team lola all the way because she she is fun and outgoing but…..geni also was responsible and lola let the kids do stuff the shouldn’t even have or do i .

    still………Team Lola

  11. Audrey

    1. Evie
    2. Jenny
    3. Student
    4. Worst Kids
    5. Tori Kelly\Taylor Swift ( I can’t choose!!!! LOL)
    Always stay on your toes, never take your mind off the kids…

  12. NinjaCat84

    DogCheese, one rule i highly recommend is no heating food, microwave stove oven etc. Anything can happen like in the movie Adventures In Babysitting. You would lose your job if the parents ever found out that there was a fire.

  13. NinjaCat84

    1 Evie
    2 Jenny
    3 Straight A
    4 worst kids (WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET 1000 BUCKS!? lol)
    5 I would switch phones with Taylor Swift (Juicy gossip)

  14. calmbutterfly228

    3. photographer
    4. $1000
    5. my sister
    6. never let your kids go out of your sight

  15. dogcheese238

    I would be best friends with Lola. I would be best friends with Jenny.I would rather be a Straight A student. babysit the worst kids in the world.I would switch with Sabrina Carpentder so i could go on social media and be like have a CELB’S phone!!!NO TIPS FROM ME NEVER BEEN A BABYSITTER.! BUT PLEASE REPLY TO ME IF HAVE BABYSITTING TIPS IF I EVER BECOME A BABYSITTER THANK YOU.BTW I LOVE THE MOVIE. BYE DOGCHEESE238 OUTS AHH A DOG DON’T EAT ME DOGGY!!!!!

  16. Cayley

    I LOVE ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING SO MUCH!!!!! If one of you say it is bad I will have to disagree!!!

  17. c

    1. Lola
    2. Jenny
    3. Straight A
    4. Worst kids
    5. I don’t know
    6. Always keep your eyes on the kids, and don’t leave a mess

  18. dancerdog39

    1. lola
    4.worst kids
    5. chris evans
    6. keep sight of all the kids at all times

  19. dragondreamer213

    Oh Ya!! Adventures in Babysitting was Awesome. It rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather be friends with both Lola and Jenny, a straight A student, and Idk who I would switch phones with! I do know I would rather babysit the worst kids.
    hmmm, tips 4 babysitting. Well, I haven’t done much babysitting out of my house but…I have to agree with Zoe (below) with making sure a kid doesn’t hate u. Its never good for u 2 be on the kids bad side.

  20. Tiana

    1) Lola
    2) Jenny
    3) World-Famous Photographer
    4) Babysit the worst kids in the world
    5) I don’t know
    6) Never let the kids out of your sight, and make sure they go to bed at bedtime.

  21. Zoey

    I watched adventures in babysitting it rocked !!! I like Sabrina Carpientier know as Jenny and Sofia Carson know as Lola the same. I like Sofia Carson better in Adventers in Baby sitting .I prefer Jenny over prince charming .I would rather be a world famous photogerfer then a srtiaght A student .I would rather babysit the worst kids in the world then owe 1 thousand dollars in parking tickets. If your babysitting keep all the kids in your super vison . Don’t make a child not like you . Don’t take less then 10 dollars per hour .because you don’t know what your getting your self into .

  22. Zoey

    I watched adventures in babysitting it rocked !!! I like Sabrina Carson know as Lola and Sofia

  23. Anonymous

    yes i would be sure to watch it but on the tips u guys can watch it on disney on demand

  24. BlackCyclone229

    3)World-Famous Photographer
    4)Babysit the worst kids in the world
    5)I can’t really decide. But, really, anybody from the Harry Potter cast or one of my fave singers or one of my fave authors.

  25. Carolyn

    My favorite outfit that Sabrina Carpenter wears in the movie is the one where she takes out her pony tail, puts on lip gloss, and ties her shirt at the bottom. She looks so pretty like that. My favorite outfit Sophia Carson wears is the one when she has a side bun in her hair, high heels, and a big, white puffy coat. Those two characters are my favorite. Sabrina also does a good job acting in the show, Girl Meets World. Sophia does a good job acting in the movie Descendants. In Adventures In Babysitting, the one who likes cooking looks a little weird. He isn’t smiling in the picture. Oh! My number 1 favorite character is Emily, the girl with the green hair dye and spiky hat. WHERE’S TRAY ANDERSON IN THE PHOTO? DID THEY NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR HIM OR SOMETHING!?! Who here absolutely loves the movie Adventures In Babysitting? I sure do!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. S

    I would rather be best friends with Lola and Jenny. Rather be a straight A student and babysit the worst kids in the world. I would actually have to switch my iPod for my best friends phone because I don’t have a phone. I would love to switch with her phone because it is really new.
    Some tips for a new babysitter:
    1. Keep the kids entertained or the will run all over the place messing up the house.
    2. It’s easier to babysit when you already know the kids. Try to babysit kids that parents are friends with your parents or that you have babysat already.

  27. Tigerelf889

    I love Sofia Carson!!!! I would rather be best friends with Evie from Descendants and Jenny from Adventures in babysitting. A world famous photographer and babysit the worst kids in the world. My sister because nothing would happen too me or her if that happened(we are really boring). Yes defiantly!
    1. Don’t cut hair.
    2. Don’t punish without permission(I learned that from personal experience)

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