August 5, 2014

Adventure Guess the Books

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Adventure Guess the Books

We are celebrating books of adventurous action this August. Can you guess the book titles from this tiny sliver of each cover? I’ll give you a hint: They are all really, really action-filled adventure books!Adventure Guess the Books Quiz

Leave your guesses in the Comments, and check your answers here.

image from— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Janessa

    3-The Lost Hero ( Heroes of Olympus series-age 10 and up )
    1-The Serpent’s Shadow ( The Kanes Chronicle–age 10 and up )
    2- The 39 Clues
    3-I Survived

  2. horusdragon268

    1.The Kane Chronicles: Serpent’s shadow 2.) 39 clue: Nowhere to run 3. The Olympian: The lost hero 4. I survived the Japanese Tsunami 5. Infestation

  3. Jayson

    Here are my guesses:
    1. The Serpent’s Shadow
    2. The 39 Clues
    3. The Lost Hero
    4. I Survived the Japanese Tsunami, 2011
    5. Infestation

  4. artemischimaera111

    Number 1 is The Serpents Shadow, by Rick Riordan.And number 2 is one of the 39 clues books. Not quite sure about the others

  5. beigeeagle25

    1: the kane chronicles the serpents shadow
    2 the 39 clues
    3 percy jackson the last olympian
    4: i survived
    5 idk

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