July 8, 2009


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Adam_hicks_130 I am not a morning person. So a few weeks ago when I realized I had to get to the office by 8:30 a.m. for a celebrity video shoot, I was not happy. Not happy at all. But then I met Adam Hicks, and all was forgiven.

If you’ve been watching Zeke and Luther, you know Adam as the sometimes awkward, often zany, always irrepressible Luther. So I was kind of expecting the Tasmanian Devil to show up for the video shoot. But it turns out that Adam is totally calm, down-to-earth, and cool. AND he loves to read.

In addition to the video shoot, Adam also sat down for an interview with Marie (the same goddess who connects THE STACKS with all our celeb coverage — we bow to Marie). They chatted about the show, plus everything else from books to music to cheetahs (yes, cheetahs). Read on for a sneak peek, not to mention more videos with Adam!

Let’s talk about Zeke and Luther. Tell me about the plot.
Okay, it’s about two 15-year-old kids who have this dream of becoming professional skateboarders. They’ve been friends ever since they were 5 years old so this is a dream that they take very seriously. And I play Luther, who’s a 15-year-old zany kid. He’s outrageous, always getting into these sorts of outrageous situations, and I sort of get persuaded from that dream and it’s Zeke’s job to pull me back at any given time. There’s outrageous stunts. We’re always traveling. It’s fast-paced, always moving, lots of music, lots of tricks. Stuff like that.

ZandL.three shot courtesy disney xdDid you skateboard beforehand?
I did actually have a dream of becoming a professional skateboarder when I was a little kid, but I sort of jumped out of that phase. I had been skateboarding about six years before the show, and then I got the show, so I am pretty good, yeah.

Do you have to take classes, work with professionals?
Oh, yeah. We have this professional there, and his name is Jimmy Gorecki. He has helped Hutch and Daniel and me — everyone on set pretty much, and he’s pretty much guided us because skateboarding is always changing. The kids are always bringing new flavor into everything and it’s his job to let us know because we’re not always there to pick up on what the new trend is. He’s helped us so much from the pilot all the way to the end of the season.

Do you do all your own boarding or do they have stand-ins?
We have a stand-in. My stand-in, his name is Sammy — I mean, he’s amazing. He’s a pro, and he pretty much makes us look great.

Do you have a personal favorite move?
A 360 Flip.

How long did it take you to learn how to do that?
I actually learned it on the show. From Sammy. I had never really understood how to do it, but all you really need is guidance — because it’s complicated, but only in your head. For someone else, they’ve mastered things that you think are complicated, so if you just listen for a second, it’s very easy to pick it up.

Any scary or funny moments on the board?
Man, I have done things. Yeah. There have been a lot of races and stuff where we just totally came off the board. And I mean, it’s gonna happen. I remember this scene, and I had this huge backpack on and I had to go down this hill. It took at least 20 tries because the backpack kept weighing me down, so every time I jumped on the board, the backpack would come over my head and I would just wipe out immediately. And they didn’t call in our stunt doubles that day, so we had to do it.

Adam-Hicks_disney In real life, do you think Luther would be a friend of yours?
Definitely. I think Luther is in every kid really. That’s why I think he has an appeal to every person, girl or boy . . . Have you ever had those moments where you live in that quiet type of abnormal state? Like you live in the outrageous moments? I know in your life you have a couple moments where you shouldn’t have said that or you shouldn’t have done that. That’s sort of Luther all around. He lives in those types of moments: “Oh no, I shouldn’t have done that! Why did I do that?” But he doesn’t realize it. And that’s sort of how I based the character. I looked at other people’s outrageous states and just sort of created him.

Have you ever met anybody like Luther?
Honestly, no, to tell you the truth. I mean, he has his serious moments. He’s into girls; he’s starting to hit that age, but he’s still outrageous. He wears outrageous clothes. He eats outrageous foods. He doesn’t get it. You can tell him, but he still just won’t listen. And I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t care; he’s just not aware. You can go as far as doing whatever with this character. That’s why I love it.

Have you ever rescued an animal?
You have no idea. It’s like daily — yes. Constantly . . . If you talk about an animal lover, then you talk about my mom. Seriously. She’s like 150 percent, all the way — I mean, she’ll drive down the freeway and see a dog off the freeway and get off the freeway and go down to rescue it. I mean she has seven, eight cats. I can’t even — I don’t even know! We have seven or eight cats, two dogs . . .

Do you like biographies?
I do, I do like biographies. Real-life stories appeal to me more than stuff. I read a lot of autobiographies, a lot . . . I don’t know, I think it’s more appealing. It draws you in more, does it not? And it’s not just those types of biographies — I’ll read history, stuff on space. It really doesn’t have to do with anything, but just black holes and stuff like that. I find it interesting.

If you were going to recommend three books to other kids, what would they be?
The Black Pearl, all the Harry Potters, and The Hobbit. Man, those were good!

We also asked Adam if he had a favorite book series from when he was younger, and he recommended Goosebumps by R. L. Stine. (Coincidentally, Adam also starred in the movie Mostly Ghostly, based on the first book in R. L. Stine’s series of the same name.)

Not only is Adam not the kind of confused, slightly spastic character he plays on TV, but he’s definitely a much braver soul than I am.

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

For more on Zeke and Luther, read our interview last month with Adam’s co-stars Hutch Dano and Daniel Curtis Lee.

Interview conducted by Marie Morreale
Photos at skate park © Bob D’Amico/DisneyXD
Adam Hicks photo courtesy of Disney XD

  1. Victoria

    i like the video is originally and that so good well i like it bsacuee the beach is a good place to do a video and that so cool i want to do and a video like them but i think that so good .good luck for the artist

  2. a

    you guys are awesome. you inspired me to being a great skateboarder. like so many people like you in california!


    hi zeke and luther I am a big fan of youres web site I love zeke and luther. I like to watch zeke and luther. on tv.I love when zeke fall in the pond.Do you like skatebording. love Samantha.

  4. happy. and.mad

    hey adaim hisk i think i am ur biggest fan wanna know why because 80 picture on my computer and 46 pictuer i took from lemonade mouth with my camera and 3 videos that i took with my camera i like reading to do u like chewing your sweater string that tightens your hood ur very good in lemonade mouth and zeke and luther. thing about you i like about u
    good at rapping,good at acting,down to earth,clam,likes to read,red hair,freckles,cool.

  5. happy. and.mad

    he adaim hicks you are very funny i love your new movie lemonade mouth and you are very good at rapping and playing the piano. there should be anthor lemonade movie and you and olvia should so date in that. you and brigit mendler are so cuteb ogether

  6. Ellie

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    ADAM HICKS♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    hey adam! i am danyielle, the one who reads non fiction, mystery, and the dictionary. Websters to be exact. I forgot to mention that i think u r awesome and that i saw ur rapping videos Summertime and the MC Hammer one. Awesome and u can rap.
    Hey say hi to Hutch.
    Oh and R.L. Stine is the coolest writer. My favorite goose bump book is IT CAME FROM UNDER THE SINK. I like the show also.
    I just got my new job as a disney animator. I’m siked i get to draw the big mouse. I am so excited. I’ll keep watching ur show!
    Oh and a tip never leave disney u belong there,u make XD funnier becuz all the other shows on there spank except for Sweet life…, and Even Stevens which they don’t show anymore. Shia was awesome on there and they shouldve left it, but your show makes XD, well XD.
    Lov u ;-P

  9. danyielle

    Hi adam! I think you are so adorable, i love freckles and red hair. natural red. You make the show funny and fun. I do admit i was a little let down that i lost the bet to my mom that you did all your own stunts. I was really hoping you didn’t have doubles. But your the actor and they gotta make sure youre in pristine condition so i understand.
    I love skateboarding but haven’t done it for a while but i do read books non fiction, mystery, and the occasional dictionary.
    See this is why i don’t have friends! LOL just kiddin. keep on doin wut u do. I lov the show and u guys, oh yeah and i loved u in how to eat fried worms!

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    Luther can act stupid sometimes, but he’s funny. And in real life he is down to Earth.

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