January 18, 2009

A Friday Fit for a Princess, Part 2

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Meg Cabot signs my copy of the last in book in the Princess Diaries series: Forever PrincessHey there, friends of Genovia. If you read my entry from yesterday, then you know that last Friday, Nancy, Carly H., Nick, and I went to an event at the New York Public Library to celebrate the release of the final Princess Diaries book, Forever Princess. And the special guest presiding over the ceremony was none other than Meg Cabot herself!

Yesterday I promised a rundown of Meg’s Q&A with the audience — many of whom were sporting their own tiaras. So here are the highlights, IMHO:


  • I’ve long been a fan of the Princess Diaries books, but I never knew the origin of the series. Meg revealed her inspiration for the story: apparently, the whole thing started when she found out that her mom was dating her teacher. Gross! Meg explained, “Even though I was 30, I had to get my feelings out because my friends were tired of me talking about it.”
  • Of course, someone asked Meg the big question on the minds of all Princess Diaries fans: will she ever write more books about Mia? Well, maybe. Meg never planned to continue Mia’s story beyond high school, but she’s gotten lots of letters from readers in college reminding her, “I’m in college. It’s not like I’m dying.” So perhaps one day . . .
  • Unsurprisingly, Meg receives a ton of mail. But a little surprisingly, some of that mail has been from pastors! Unfortunately for Meg, those letters were to scold her for including French kissing in the Princess Diaries series. BUT thanks to those letters and also messages from kids complaining that their parents wouldn’t let them read Princess Diaries, Meg decided to write a series for younger kids: Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls!
  • Meg’s mom and her boyfriend (the teacher!) live in Washington, D.C., and the boyfriend’s granddaughters go to the same school as soon-to-be President Obama’s daughters. Or was it Meg’s mom’s boyfriend’s daughters who go to school with them? Or Meg’s nieces? Uh, actually, none of us can remember. Something like that. Whoever they are, no matter how much Meg begs, they refuse to give her any gossip because they’re mad at her for writing the All-American Girl books about them. (Although Meg insisted that the characters aren’t based on them, she did admit that their home’s proximity to the White House did inspire her to write the story.)
  • When Meg was a kid, she always wished she had curly, red hair (I wished the same thing!). So as an adult, she dyed her own hair red. During her visit to New York, a random guy on the street called out to her, “Hey, Red!” and Meg’s response was: “Awesome!”

Following the Q&A, Meg signed books for a super duper long line of people as we were all serenaded by the Switchblade Kittens, a band from LA with a whole album of songs inspired by Princess Diaries (the CD is called “Rebel Princess”).

ChristmasCookies 032

AND they even brought out a tiara piñata:

ChristmasCookies 033

The wait to get our books signed felt like FOREVER. Or should I say, it felt like Princess Forever? Uh, no I shouldn’t, because that’s cheesy.

Pictures 020

Anyhoo . . . here’s a pic I snapped of Carly H., Nick, and Nancy as we finally got to the spot where the line wrapped around between the projector and the back of the screen. (Btw, Carly was wearing a hat, so don’t think she has a mutant head or anything.)

ChristmasCookies 034

Finally, it was our turn to say hi to Meg, and she was super nice — even though Nick is always bothering her with requests for our Allie Finkle site.

ChristmasCookies 038

We each left with a goody bag from Vera Wang (Free lip gloss and perfume? Yes, please!)

ChristmasCookies 003

Plus, of course, our signed books:


(Yes, I do have a Harry Potter throw pillow in my home. I’m not ashamed.)

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

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