January 27, 2010

8th Grade Superzero

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8thgradesuperzero_130 Hello and welcome to Scholastic Booktalks where we recommend brand new Scholastic books that we think you will love. This week's booktalk: 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich.

It’s your first day at school. Yeah, you’re a bit nervous, but it’s also fun, right? Well, not for Reggie. Reggie has the worst first day of school ever. What? You don’t believe me? Did *you* ever throw up in front of the entire school on your first day, including the girl of your dreams? Did *you* ever earn the nickname “Pukey” from your classmates?

8th grade couldn’t have started any worse for Reggie. His dad is out of a job and his mom works all the time. His ex-best friend Donovan has become a real jerk and starting picking on him. And now the pastor from his church youth group has given Reggie a project.

Pastor Dave wants Reggie to go to Olive Branch, a local homeless shelter, to record the stories of the men and women who live there. At first, Reggie is nervous and scared, but then he starts looking forward to visiting the residents at the Olive Branch and he starts thinking about the importance of civic responsibility and community service. Why aren’t more students helping out in the community? And why are the two candidates for school president so focused on themselves and what they want? Why aren’t they looking to see how the school can make the community a better place?

Reggie decides that action must be taken and announces his candidacy for school president. He wants to get the students empowered to help the community. But can his classmates forget about his humiliating first day of school and vote for… President Pukey?

Read 8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich to find out!

— Jen, Scholastic Booktalker

  1. hannah

    hey fyi it ok for kids to read it good because if u dont know what some of the bad stuff maeans it doesnt mean anything and theres only about 2 bad stuff like ? i think th ebest starting grade is 4th ya 4th

  2. lu lu

    This book is not good for kids to read when they are in any grade lower then seventh garde because it has alot of inapropreit things in it.

  3. jade

    can some one be my friend becase this is not fare it will not let me have any frends but it problly will let some one esls be my freind so can some one be my freind please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps dont think that i am wird beacus that is not true so thank u and i will not talk agina so bey ps how do u put things on your notbook bey thank u anyway but i think i will be a good freind

  4. Abigail B

    Sounds like a good book. Is it out. Maby I can get this derector I know to make it into a movie.-her name is secret.

  5. 4theirish

    Oh my! That sounds like a great book! I usually can’t find books that I’m intrested in and want to go to that next chapter and to read just one more page. But as soon as I started the Middle School Survival Guide Books that all changed…… This book also sounds like one of those books for me. As i added this stack on to my list I thought that it would be fun…. then I saw that we had to read and I had a long day and I didn’t wanna read it,,,,, BUT as soon as I read it I wish the whole book was there!

  6. syuna2000

    I Am Going To The Library Tonight I Am Going To Get That Book If They Have It Tonight I Will Report Back Later Tonight If I Get The Book Tonight At The Library. Bye

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