March 27, 2014

50 Reasons to Send a Shout-Out

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writing prompt shout-out50 Reasons to Send a Shout-Out

If you’re new to the STACKS, you might not know about shout-outs. Basically, once you are logged in to your STACKS account, you can go to anyone’s STACKS Profile and send him or her a kind message. That person is usually so happy to get your message that he or she then sends YOU a shout-out, and a beautiful chain of love is started! We add new ones every month so the chain can continue forever.

If you need more motivation, ForeverElephant put together this amazing list of reasons to send a shout-out.

  • Someone sent YOU a shout-out and you want to respond.
  • You’re bored.
  • You read an amazing post and want to show your appreciation.
  • Admit it. You’re procrastinating.
  • Someone posted a sad post and you want to cheer him or her up.
  • A user hasn’t been on the message boards in a while and you want to let him or her know s/he hasn’t been forgotten.
  • You want to welcome someone to the STACKS!
  • Someone joined your club or participated in your siggy shop or RP and you want to show your appreciation.
  • You read someone’s amazing fanfic and you don’t know what to say except for, “You’re the coolest!”
  • You want to spread holiday/seasonal cheer.
  • Someone changed his or her avatar and you want to compliment it.
  • You asked for a friend request and want to accompany it with a warm note.
  • Someone asked YOU for a friend request and you are glad to accept it with appreciation.
  • A user feels unappreciated and you want to brighten his or her day.
  • Someone posted a goodbye post and you want to send him or her off with a tribute of ten pages of shout-outs.
  • You want to thank a moderator for doing her or his job so wonderfully.
  • You want to welcome and recruit new users to join the message boards. (Go to Stacks_Admin’s most recent friends!)
  • You are feeling extra friendly and cheerful.
  • You want to be a really nice STACKer.
  • You want to get a billion shout-outs back.
  • You’re feeling upset and you want to know you have friends out there.
  • Someone’s post made you laugh out loud.
  • Someone just cheered you up and you want to say thank you.
  • You joined just joined a user’s epic club!
  • Someone was hit by a tragic incident and you want to virtually hug him or her.
  • You need a distraction.
  • Someone complimented you in the boards and you want to compliment him or her back.
  • You and another STACKer debated about a topic, and you want to make sure he or she knows it wasn’t personal.
  • A user becomes member of the week.
  • A user is mentioned in the Ink Splot 26 blog.
  • You really like someone’s comment on an Ink Splot 26 blog post.
  • You really like an Ink Splot 26 blog post and want to say hi to the author!
  • You’re worried the power might go out, so you make sure you say goodbye to your STACKS buddies for a while.
  • You decide to join a new message board and you want to make some new friends!
  • You realize that a specific STACKer is really, really nice.
  • You just want to say, “Hi!”
  • You have something in common with another person’s My SELECTS.
  • It’s someone’s STACKS birthday!
  • A user passes a message board milestone (such as 1000 posts).
  • You feel bad about accidentally hurting someone’s feelings.
  • You absolutely love the books someone recommends!
  • Someone just taught you an HTML or message board-related trick.
  • You want to celebrate something such as National Harry Potter Day!
  • Some new shout-outs were added and you want to try them out!
  • You want to reach out to someone who might not get the amount of shout-outs he or she deserves.
  • You’re waiting for something else to load, so you open a new tab and have no idea what to do while you’re waiting.
  • You haven’t been on the STACKS in a while, and you want to announce your return.
  • It’s your birthday, and since you can’t actually post about it, you want to send everyone a celebratory shout-out! (Of course, they’ll never know it was your birthday.)
  • You’re having a rough time with your friends from real life, and you need the support of your STACKS friends.
  • You read this post and were inspired to send more shout-outs.

What’s better than a sweet message to someone who needs it? Well . . . maybe chocolate, but this is the next best thing! I am totally inspired to send more shout-outs now. How about you?
image from— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

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