May 21, 2009

3 Questions for Percy Jackson

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Lightennigtheif_130Monster slayer, demigod, wise-cracking teen, and all-around class act Percy Jackson is the hero of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books by Rick Riordan.

If you’re a loyal Splot reader, then you know I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Percy Jackson lately (check out my book review of The Lightning Thief and my P.J. trivia). In honor of the end of that awesome series, I’d like to pose three questions to the demi-god himself!

1. Who would win in a fight: you or Harry Potter?

2. Are you ever tempted to use your powers for ridiculous ends . . . like . . . creating a giant, air-guitaring, animated statue made of water?

3. If you couldn’t be a hero in the Greek tradition but instead were a hero from another mythology — Native American, Hindi, Norse, whatever — who would you be?

I expect Percy will answer these just as soon as the last monster is dead and vanquished! I’m not holding my breath, though.

How do you think Percy would answer these? How would you? Holla at a schola in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. DoggieGirl565

    Rick Riordan, on the third book of The Lost Hero. You should have a fire-breathing dinosaur, with flying talons, and a appetite for cheeseburger. It would be funny!!!!!!
    You do not have to do that, but it would be cool!!!! Just to let you know I’am your biggest fan.

  2. Sydney

    I love Percy Jackson!
    Also, for the third I’m pretty sure that he would say Roman (Hint hint! Read The Lost Hero!)

  3. pinksummer2313

    I’m answering like Percy would:
    I would SO take on HP! Besides, Annabeth is so much better than Ginny! (Secretly I’m terrified)
    Yes, No, Maybe So

  4. Kethsan

    1. I would, totally. (Well, that’s what Percy thinks. Harry Potter would totally OWN in a fight, because he can use magic and Percy can use just a sword and control water. Harry can conjure water with the Aguamenti Charm. This is what he’d do: Protego, the shield charm, to prevent Percy from getting too close to him. Then, he’d cast Sectumsempra and maim Percy pretty badly. You can’t fight magic.)
    2. Probably.
    3. Norse, totally! Hey, Brunhild the Valkyrie is looking pretty cute in that armor…

  5. pacohaley

    (I’m answering as Percy would…)
    1. Let’s just stick to monsters for now…
    2. Well, for Annabeth’s birthday, I made the water form into an exact replica for the Parthenon. Hey, my dad’s the sea god. he can do stuff like that.
    3. Well, maybe I’d go with Roman. I pretty much only know about Greek Mythology (I’ve been living it full-time since I was twelve).

  6. luvsoftball98

    I’m only going to answer question 1. I’ve read both sereis in question, and even though I luv Percy sooo much better than Harry I would rather fight Harry ’cause Harry is more nieve than Percy.

  7. Maddie

    1. HP would die because percy could drown HP with his water stuff.
    2. It would be cool if percy made an ocean statue of himself and froze it into ice: and that would be one big statue.
    3. I would be a native American sky goddess who painted the sky with a brush in hand. If an enemy came along, I would blow them away to the end of the universe with one breath.

  8. jazzykazoo

    1)Harry Potter? Uh…we’ll find out once we actually do fight. Get ready for it: A pen VS. a stick!! That’s going to be an awesome one.
    2)Shhh! Trying to keep that on the down low if you don’t mind! Now I suggest you don’t to school when I do that…
    3)Norse. Loki is still available right? I always liked funny gods.

  9. Hayhay101

    1.Percy Jackson would totally win(not that I don’t love Harry Potter). I would love to do that. 3.I would be in Norse mytholigy if I couldn’t be in Greek. I love everything that has to do with Percy Jackson.

  10. DaPunk

    Percy says:
    1) Um, Harry! He’s got the cool magicky stuff. All I have is a pen.
    2)Ah, totally, but Daddy wouldn’t want that.
    3)Norse…THOR!!! He’s a superhero, right? He’s got this awesome hammer thingy, yo!

  11. supersandwitch14

    they should start a series about that one guy, i forgot his name but he owns mrs. oleary the dog, it should be about him as a kid at camp.

  12. HP is sooooooo awesome

    percy would die if he went up against HP. HP got TONS (literally) of spells Percy only has a pen/sword

  13. harryp12345678

    Harry Potter would win because Percy has not yet mastered his own powers. When he has they would be a definite even match.
    Oh yes. Especially on the bullies at school.
    I would probably be a water god from ancient China.

  14. Dalton

    Percy Jackson rules. Percy Jackson rocks. percy Jackson is awsome. Can Rick Riordan make another series of Percy Jackson? Is there another series of Percy Jackson? How many total books of Percy Jackson is there in all of the series?

  15. PercyJackson'sGoddess

    Percy Jackson would OWN harry potter. <3 <3 <3
    I bet he would wanna use his powers to do something like that. I would! lol
    And Norse Mythology.
    I LOVE YOU PERCY!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Grover fan

    I love the serise i own all of them even the 5th. I hope he will make a new Camp-Half blood series.^_^

  17. Annabethfan

    1: Uh… I think it would end up a tie to be honest.
    2: Oh heck yeah!
    3: I think I’s pick Norse since I’m half Norwegian.

  18. Nico Fan

    haha, im obsessed, too! What’s not to love and obsess about? This series actually got me to like reading so I BETTER obsess over it, lol

  19. Percy Jackson

    Yo, wassup. I’m just hanging out at home, just slayed a minotaur, just you know….regular every day stuff. Now it’s time for to answer these questions!
    1. Um…Harry Potter is a tough guy and all, but I think I would win.
    2. Haha. Yeah, I am always tempted to do dumb stuff. One time, I was tempted to make a giant water super boxer because we had boxing in P.E, and I did not want to do that since about 95% of the guys at my school are built, and did NOT want to stick around for that.
    3. Actually, I always wanted to be the son of the Roman god, Mars, (IF HE WASN’T SUCH A JERK.)
    THANKS FOR READING MY STORIES. I HOPE I TALK TO YOU AGAIN, (I’m sure at least one of you is a demigod, so I’ll see you at camp;) .) BYE!

  20. A Major Bibliophile

    Perseus Jackson would OWN Harry Potter in any fight with any weapon or no weapon at all!

  21. inky444

    This book is crazy awesome. If you know abuot titans,gods and stuff like that this is a perfict. But if you don’t like violence, so sad,you won’t like it

  22. Valkyrie2b

    I looove Percy Jackson too!
    1. Percy Jackson…..
    2. I’m sure he is! He’s kind of insane that way. : )
    3. I think he’d say Norse (and so would I, of course), since there’s a lot of legends about water gods and such.

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