July 31, 2008

3 Questions for Meggie

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Here are the three questions I would ask Meggie from Cornelia Funke’s Inkworld.What would you ask her if you had the chance?

1. Meggie, now that you know you have your father’s gift, are you bummed you can’t read anything out loud without risking something strange or bad happening? (not even a letter, recipe or box of cereal!?)

2. Would you trade your reading talent . . . and opt to be a cool fire-eater like Dustfinger instead?

3. And, can you PLEASE  read me into Harry Potter?

— Jessica, Scholastic.com Staffer

  1. Meggietwin

    I wouldn’t be able to just ask her THREE questions! Lol. But I WOULD ask her to read me into the Inkworld… and if she’ll be my best friend!

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