December 11, 2008

Character Confidential: 3 Questions for Hermione

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Hermione_GrangerIf I had a chance to sit down with Hermione Granger, my favorite character from the Harry Potter series, I don’t think I could limit myself to just three questions. If I met Gryffindor’s class braniac, I’d probably ask her a billion
questions about magic, her friends (most of all, her good friend and celebrity wizard, Harry Potter), and growing up between the magical and non-magical worlds. And after those hours and hours of conversation, I’d probably follow up with these three “fluff” questions:

  1. What classes did you feel were missing from Hogwarts?
  2. Who would you like to play you in a movie (besides Emma Watson, pictured above)?
  3. When did you first admit to yourself that you liked Ron?

I would never be able to limit myself to three questions if I were interviewing Hermione. But seriously, could you? What would YOU ask Hermione if you had the chance?

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

EMMA WATSON as Hermione Granger in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire.” Photo Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

  1. DaPunk

    1) Well, math for one, and English grammar. I liked those classes. They were so logical.
    2) Wow, I don’t know. My first pick would be British of course…but Emma Roberts I guess.
    3a) Um, third year? I really have no idea. It just sort of hit me.
    3b) Sixth year…when I was going to ask him to Slughorn’s party. But then he started acting like a jerk!

  2. harryp12345678

    I think reading is definetly missing from Hogwarts.
    Probably Hilary Duff.
    Well I geuss it was when he and Harry saved me from the giant troll.
    Third year definitly.

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