September 4, 2008

3 Questions for Gregor the Overlander

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Suzanne Collins’ series The Underland Chronicles takes you to a war-torn world miles under the city of New York.  There, the humans and their bat allies are fighting against the giant rats who also live in the Underland.  And at the center of it all is a 12-year-old boy named Gregor, who comes from our world, the Overland, and whom prophecy says is the warrior who will finally bring peace to the land.

Once Gregor returns from the Underland, I would love to ask him:

1. After your experience with war in the Underland, what advice would you give to Overland world leaders towards achieving peace among warring countries?

2. Knowing how many creatures died at the Bane’s hand, would you still choose to let the Bane live as a baby?

3. The humans in the Underland believed the prophecies were going to come true exactly as predicted, while Ripred believed that nothing was predetermined, that people (and creatures) create their own destiny.  How much did you and do you believe the prophecies?

What would YOU ask Gregor if you got the chance?

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Luxagirly610

    You should make a gregor movie!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to see one!!!!! although, I agree with Amie that the aging process would be too fast. If you do make a movie, I would be great for Luxa!!!! I am the right age and a good actor!!!!!!! either that or make a 6th book!!!!!

  2. rewtrew

    please make a sixth book i loved the whole series but it leaves you hanging, please make a sixth book.

  3. robert

    please make a 6th book and movie of gregor the overlander and if you do make a 6th book is gregor going to have another bond. what would the prophecy be called. don’t leave us hanging

  4. christina

    i have actually just finished the book series and i feel that their should be a 6th book!a lot of questions could be answered and it left me wanting to find out more…about Luxa, Ripred,and if Gregor will leave to Virginia!!!plz!!

  5. snape17

    i read the books and memorized the bat bonding thing, but i should re-read them if there are auditions! i think it would either be an epic or an epic fail depending on how they make it. the casting team should totally come to my school, there are a lot of people who could play good parts!

  6. jason

    hello Suzanne Collins i am your biggest fan ever. i have been crying and begging for another book or movie. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese grant my wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gregor the warrior

    I hope Suzzane Collins writes book 6 and makes a movie for all the books. I might like to be in the movies or give you ideas.

  8. keylee

    i just herd that thair will be a movie thyis summer wen were the adushons i wold love to play luxa im totaly her age and ive alwase dreamed of being a actor im good and just started to perso it !!!!!!!!!! and i like gregor alote so that would work>:) :o

  9. keylee

    i just finished the fith book an i realy wish i hadent red it!!!!!!!!! because i want thair to be more i respect u but you left everyone haning and it is panfull to not no what happens next.:( i realy realy realy want there to be a 6th book because that just cant be the end! it cant!(panicked!!):O :( :O!!

  10. i love luxa

    you really should make a sixth book i mean there were so many questions u answerd like it said he would never com back to the underland why the war over wh twould he just leave luxa there? is there going to be a movie? if there is that would be so cool!!!!!!! i would totally go see it! u might want to leave out some of the gore though u dont want it to be rated R! it was really sad what happened in the code of claw poor ares! i think thats so cool that bond thing i memorized it (the persons name)i bond to u are life and death are we dark in flame in war in strife i save uu as i save my life

  11. gregor rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gregor was the best seiries I ever read! I wish other authers could come up with that stuff!I know your sick of hearing this, but it WOULD BE SO GREAT IF YOU DID MAKE A movie.I agree with amie. the age is so slow.if you did make a movie you would have to do it in a row. but I’m not saying don’t try to make a movie,Isay just switch charecters or do it all at Once then split it up.

  12. gregor rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I read your books Last week and I wanted to ask you pesonaly if you would make gregor and luxa real. pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse make a movie or at least a sixeth book! :)

  13. M

    I loved your books!But it would be so cool if you made a sixth book or you talked to a director or something and make a movie!

  14. luxalookalike

    so sad read 5th book 2weeks ago still in shock at the same time im happy cause i know auditions are some time this summer in hollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  15. Someone

    i love the series i am currently reading the series again.But i want Suzanne to write a 6th book to explain the chemistry between Gregor and Luxa. Suzanne if you are reading this please please please write a 6th book!!! thank you for reading!

  16. Kevin

    I loved this series!! It’s almost unfair that it had to end as a clif hanger :( there were so many questions unanswerd. please write more

  17. Jerry

    I love the Underland Chronicles. I was so sad when I finished book 5. I hope S.C. makes a book 6 and movie. Only they’d have to cut some gore to avoid a NC-17 rating! P.S. have hope underland fans I heard that movie auditions are being held this year!PTL!! If I could be in the movie I’d be Gregor, Howard, Henry, or maybe the voice for Ares.

  18. LuxaGregor

    i read the end and it was sooooooooooooo sad i wish… (!!SPOILER!!)
    that they could still be together

  19. Thomas

    Please write a sith book because there are so many questions un answered and if there is a movie i could at least adition for it

  20. Scott

    You really need to make a 6th book. I think i’ve had a mid life crisis thinking about how it was so wrong gregor left luxa.

  21. JAY

    kaseybat is right your web page should atleast tell us what you think.Contacting you well you’d get a few hundred comments.

  22. JAY

    Please make a sixth book i really don’t care about the movie but don’t just let us hang there and think thats the end.

  23. alicia

    *Spolier Alert*
    i agree the books were awesome.its so sad ares died but if it was for the underland’s humanity i suppose its ok.BUT there really should be a 6th book and movie of all!!who knows it could be as big as harry pottor or twilight!!!!!!!!!!!i so sleepy i stayed up all night reading the ‘last book’ ok the moviewill be hard im guessing cause all the graphics

  24. UnderlandLover

    i don’t know about the movie, but whatever you should choose, i am with you all the way. i wish so bad that you would make a book six, but i know you can’t go on FOREVER. anyway, i just want to say thank you for publishing these books and letting the world read them

  25. UnderlandLover

    i just got finished reading Gregor and the code of claw. IT WAS SOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!! i loved it too!!!! this was definitely the best one! when i first got the fifth one, i hadn’t read the others in quite some time, so i re-read all of the chronicles in a week. then, on the fourth of July, i FINALLY got to start on the code of claw. i have to admit, the Gregor books weren’t on my favorites list, but now, they are right at the top!!! FANTASTIC WORK!!!! i wish i had a bat…

  26. kaseybat

    i have so many people that agree with me that you should make a sixth book you should also try and get a director to make a movie out of it people would watch it and buy your book please. by the way i want to play luxa im a great actor and i lokk like thr right age by the time you read this ( if you do) i will be the right age post a comment on this website and answer me please please let me play luxa or try out at the least

  27. luxatheregilian

    suzanne really should make a Gregor movie. i agree with eddy. i would love to play LUXA. i have the whole serese atleast 3 times and i am in love her. people say am like like her and can almost do all her gymnastics moves. SUZANNE COLLINS NEEDS TO MAKE A MOVIE!

  28. Amie

    Although the Gregor books would be great in film, they’d be ruined if filmed with people – Boots ages too slow for it to work unless they were somehow animated. If they used real people, they’d constantly have to change actors or they’d destroy the storyline to make the aging process happen faster. I’m not sure I am in favor of a movie – besides – the books are the best!

  29. bob

    the fifth book was great but there is so many questions unanwsered so i think you should write another book that anwsers all the questions or make a movie of the books that would be awseume

  30. eddy

    and Suzanne Collins i would like to meet you and ive read your biografy and you seem to be living a good life with your husband and kids so please i wanted to see if you could make gregor the overlander a movie or a sixth book even though it will cost you a lot of money to make it a movie bot i live in texas and you live in ney york but i might have some good ideas if you ever think about the movie and im a pretty good acter

  31. eddy

    Gregor the overlander series should be made into a movie because it is so intresting abd ones people see the movie everybody will start liking the book and so many people will be trying to order the book and if that happens that will make the auther of the book Suzanne Collins write a sixth book and even more