August 7, 2008

3 Questions for Dumbledore

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Surprise! I love the Harry Potter books. You’re probably saying, “So what? So does the rest of the world.” But does the rest of the world literally embrace a large cardboard cut-out of Harry every time they go into this one particular office down the hall for a meeting, like I do? Yeah, I didn’t think so! Take that! I’m the uber-fan to beat!

Well, not really. I bet that most of you would also hug Cardboard Harry if you got the chance. And I know that you guys are passionate enough about the Boy Who Lived to spend HOURS on the Harry Potter message boards endlessly discussing all things Potter.

For everyone who avidly devoured the books on the day they came out, proudly stood in line to see the movies on opening night, and felt a little piece of their heart deflate upon reading the final words of Book 7 and closing the covers, I offer my 3 Questions for Dumbledore:

1. There’s been a lot of debate about whether you truly thought Harry would have to give his life in order to defeat Voldemort, or whether you actually expected Harry to survive. Please put the question to rest once and for all!

2. What exactly happened when you retrieved the Gaunt ring? Details, please!

3. In Harry’s third year, why did you urge Harry and Hermione to go back in time to rescue Sirius instead of doing it yourself? You’ re kind of . . . oh, I don’t know . . . a much more powerful wizard than either of them — or even the two of them combined — don’t you think? Also, way to put two kids in mortal danger!

Well, how did I do at playing the ever-questioning Rita Skeeter? I hope I’ve done all you fellow Potterphiles proud. And hey, if not, tell me what YOU would ask good old Albus if you had the chance!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. Panthergirl21

    I’d ask him what his favorite color is. i don’t know why though…:P Can I hug Cardboard Harry????PLEASE!!!???

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