August 12, 2009

3 Q’s for Molly McIntire from The American Girls

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Molly_130 I was definitely one of those girls who had the American Girl books and doll when I was growing up. My American Girl of choice was Molly McIntire. Oh, how I loved, just loved her outfits! That cute preppy look with the sweater vest, navy blue skirt and adorable Mary Jane shoes. However, other than just loving dressing her up in various outfits and doing her hair, Molly's stories were by far the most interesting to me. I think it was because I was fascinated with the 1940's and all that was going on. Not only did she have to endure the hardships of World War II, but she also grew up during a time of ground-breaking technologies, innovative music, and amazing fashion trends.

If Molly were here today, here's what I would want to know!

1.) Which food did you most miss because of the war rationing?
2.) Of all the outfits girls can purchase for your doll, which outfit is your favorite?
3.) If you could travel to 2009 and bring something back to your time during the 1940's, what would it be?

After writing those questions to Molly, is there anything you'd want to ask her or any other American Girls for that matter?

However the one question I'd really like to ask Molly is where in the world I ended up putting her doll? Unfortunately that is one mystery that can never be solved.

—Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. hayley

    I love to read and this is probly one of the best books and now i am studing the greek matholgy so it kinda helped the class out a lot!

  2. aliciaurbestie

    omg cage i luvvvv avery tell her i said hiiiiii!!!! and tell harley and lexi and mattie!! mattie is adorable!!

  3. Anya71

    Hey me 2 i LOVE AGD its SO awesome but I can’t have one its too expensive..sigh Elizabeth is my favorite she’s awesome!! I love her outfits but why did they like raise the price so high i mean seriously?

  4. emma

    Guys? Will someone help me? I started a club at my school and my friend asked me what the point was. At the club we play games. She said that she could always get together with a group of friends to play games without a club. She joined the club but she just had to ask that one question. I don’t know the answer. What are some things I can do to make it better?

  5. emma

    Okay so here’s the thing. At my school (I can’t say what school I go to)
    I started a club with my friends. But I have a problem

  6. Victoria

    I wish I had an American Girl Doll…I liked Samantha the most…I don’t read the books anymore, I mostly read the magazine.

  7. Marytonga

    I’d ask Samantha this question:
    If you ever saw a girl like Nellie, would you try to help her too?
    But I already know the answer: YES!

  8. sofia

    aliciaurbestie,cageaidenbffls aidencagebffls, kira123, shana123: u guys have A LOT of american girl dolls!! i only have 3 and i have the most in my class!!

  9. wordshine

    I love American Girl! I am 13 and I still collect my dolls. I agree with all those questions, especially because the Molly books are my favorite as well. I would ask Kit which of her Aunt’s rules is her favorite, and which is her least favorite. I think it would be pretty cool to talk to Kirsten, because I did the exact opposite of her. I moved to Scandinavia, whilst she moved to America.

  10. shana123

    the 1 that i have that looks like me is a just like u doll with medium skin blue eyes n wavy black brown hair i have 4: kit ruthie n 2 bitty babies

  11. kira123

    there isnt 1 that looks like me either but i have 7 even though i dont use them ever!! i have 3 bitty babies molly samantha julie n ruthie

  12. cageaidenbffls

    i dont have 1 that looks like me either but i had 4: molly n emily, blond bitty baby and a blond just like u doll!!

  13. aidencagebffls

    yea i dont use mine either but i used 2 have 6 n there isnt 1 that looks like me i have kit nellie 2 just like u and bitty twins

  14. aliciaurbestie

    i dont use mine ever but i had 9 and i want 2get the look like u 1 with shoulder langth red hair and no bangs cause she looks exactly like me

  15. harryp12345678

    Well I would miss pies.
    My favorite outfit is the Miss Victory outfit.
    If I were to travel to 2009 and bring something with me I would take an old school book.
    Molly is my favorite!!!

  16. 1sophie34h(sophie)

    LOL! Im 11 years old n I still luv American Girl! I’d totally ask JULIE these questions:
    When you were my age, were you still a peace lover, just like moi?
    Is your hair true-blonde or just natural highlights like mine?
    On the book covers you have a “to the side” part, but your doll has a central part! Whats up with that???
    When you were however old you were in the books, was it that whole Beatle and peace stuff yet? If it was, did you participate?
    Ya.. I don’t think question number 3 is ever gonna get answered.

  17. WallieBitter

    OMG! I love American Girl! I’m getting too old for it though…My favorite doll is Samantha because she was my first…I probably wouldn’t ask her questions though…I would ask Kaya the indian questions:
    1. What is it like being an indian?
    2. What kind of games do indians play?
    well…im all out…I wish I could say good bye…
    thats indian for good…dont know how to say bye though!
    p.s. sorry for making this soooooo long!

  18. 72mint

    I really wish I had an american girl.Anyway I’d like to ask Kit a qeustion.How tough was it going through the great depression?

  19. Miranda

    Molly is my favorite!!!
    1. I’d miss the sugar. I’d hate the turnups too.
    2. My favorite outfit is her birthday outfit. It truly definds the 40′s.
    3. I would bring back a radio because it was a huge part of Molly’s life, along with many others living in the 1940′s.
    Molly Rocks!!!

  20. gymnast430

    american girl is so awesome.
    oh and to answer the questions
    i’d miss cinnamon rations
    my favorite outfit is miss victory for my molly doll
    and i’d love to bring back an old radio

  21. manga eyes

    i LOVE molly!!i think american girl is awesome!!i would probably ask molly about ?#2 definitley cause her take on this time in the future would be interesting!!!

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