July 21, 2014

Would You Rather Kiss . . .

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Here is a Random Would You Rather from the fabuloso STACKer EarlyFairy3. Leave your answers in the Comments!

  1. Would you rather kiss a snail OR a frog?

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  2. Would you rather be a successful movie star OR a well-known smart person?
  3. Would you rather go to the supermarket OR to the mall?
  4. Would you rather watch the sunset OR the sunrise?
  5. Would you rather do well in math OR in music?
  6. Would you rather be a dog OR a cat?

\ Thx, EarlyFairy3

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    1) Frog
    2) Well-known smart person
    3) To the mall
    4) Watch the sunset
    5) Do well in music
    6) Be a cat

  2. fierydragon361

    I would rather kiss a frog than a snail. Well-known smart person, of course. I don’t want have my face plastered on the tabloids!! Mall, duh! Sunrise because than the new day begins. Math, I am severely lacking! Cat, I’m to lazy to be a dog

  3. jadejoyful145

    I would kiss a Frog.Successful moviestar.Mall.Sunset.Music.Dog!I just adore them.Snails are so slimy and gooey.I am already smart.Mall has stores too! I love to sing but I also want music!