July 8, 2014

July Is Ice Cream Month

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Ice creamIce Cream Would You Rather

You probably eat plenty of ice cream in the summer, but did you know that July is actually National Ice Cream Month? Not kidding! It all started back in 1984, when President Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. (In 2014, this awesome day will fall on July 20.) Some ice cream stores will even give away free scoops of ice cream on National Ice Cream Day!

We’re getting into the spirit with a serving of Would You Rather! Ice cream lovers, would you rather . . . 

  1. Vanilla OR chocolate?
  2. Cup OR cone?
  3. Sprinkles OR crunchies?
  4. Regular OR soft serve?
  5. Dairy Queen OR Ben & Jerry’s?
  6. Make-your-own-sundae bar OR frozen yogurt?
  7. Ice cream cake for your birthday OR regular cake?
  8. Ice pop OR ice cream?

“Scoop up” your answers, and leave them in the Comments below. And tell us how you will celebrate Ice Cream Month this year. Happy summer!

Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. chocolatejade42

    4.soft serve
    5.Ben & Jerrys
    6.Make-your-own-sundae bar
    7.Ice cream
    8. ice cream

  2. dreamer 437

    1. Chocolate
    2. Cup
    3. Sprinkles
    4. Regular
    5. Ben & Jerry’s
    6. Make your own sundae bar
    7. Ice cream cake
    8. Ice cream

  3. Zach mapsailing11

    1. chocolate
    2. cone
    3. sprinkles
    4. Regular
    5. Ben and Jerry’s
    6. frozen yogurt
    7. Ice cream cake
    8. ice cream

  4. glamorousquiet10

    1. I totally think that vanilla is way better than chocolate.
    2. Cup or cone? I think that if your eating ice cream, you should go with a cone.
    3. I personally like crunchies better over sprinkles.
    4. Personally, I like soft serve over regular.
    5. Dairy Queen or Ben & Jerry’s? I have never heard or been to Ben & Jerry’s, so I have to pick Dairy Queen.
    6. I think I like frozen yogurt better than Make-your-own-sundae bars.
    7. I’d rather have regular cake for my birthday than ice cream cake.
    8. For my final answer i’m gonna pick Ice pop over ice cream.

  5. dolphinsea

    1 vanilla
    2 cone
    3 sprinkles
    4 soft serve
    5 dairy queen
    6 frozen yogurt
    7 ice cream cake for b-day
    8 ice pop

  6. AmberBrown358

    1) Chocolate
    2) Cone
    3) Sprinkles
    4) Regular
    5) Ben & Jerry’s
    6) Make your own sundae bar
    7) Ice Cream Cake
    8) Ice Cream

  7. shrewddreamtime11

    1 chocolate
    2 cup
    3 crunchies
    4 regular
    5 Ben & Jerry’s
    6 make your own sundae bar
    7 ice cream cake
    8 ice cream

  8. BandPink83

    1. Chocolate. 2. cup. 3. sprinkles. 4. regular. 5. I don’t EVER eat at those places. 6. Make-your-own-sundae bar. 7. Ice Cream cake. 8. Ice cream.

    Hi! I love ice cream! I’m even having a ice cream cake for my birthday!

    A Ice Cream Fan

  9. lizzie

    1. Chocolate
    3. sprinkles
    4. regular
    5. Ben &Jerry’s
    6. frozen yogurt
    7. regular cake
    8. ice cream

  10. Floatingvolleyball11

    1. Chocolate
    2. Cone
    3. Sprinkles
    4. ?
    5. Dairy Queen
    6. Make your own sundae bar
    5. Ice cream cake
    6. Don’t know what ice pop, is so ice cream.

    1. mahi

      1.vanilla or chocolate? CHOCOLATE
      2.cup or cone? CONE
      3. Sprinkles or crunchies? SPRINKLES
      4. regular or soft serve? SOFT SERVE
      5. dairy queen or Ben and Jerry’s? DAIRY QUEEN
      6. make your own sundae bar or frozen yogurt? FROZEN YOGURT
      7. ice cream cake for your birthday or regular cake?ICE CREAM CAKE
      8.ice pop or ice cream? ICE POP

  11. chattyindigo41

    1. CHOCOLATE 2.cone 3.SPRINKLES 4.regular (what is soft serve?) 5.DAIRY QUEEN 6.frozen yogurt 7.regular cake 8.JUUUUUUUUUUUICY ICE POP

  12. Anya

    I would like soft serve chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen on my birthday. At home I prefer chocolate ice cream with sprinkles from a make your own sundae bar.

  13. Zoe.Z I got 2 cats

    I got a cat name Sliver and Otalina. they are 5 years old. Sliver and otalina’s brithday’s are in April.

  14. Isabella

    Vanilla or chocolate ? I love vanilla!!!
    Cup or cone? A cup because ice cream melts!!
    Sprinkles or crunchies? Sprinkles!!
    Regular or soft serve? Soft serve!!
    Dairy Queen or Ben & Jerry’s? Dairy Queen!!!
    Make your own sundae or frozen yogurt? Frozen yogurt!!
    Ice cream cake for your birthday or regular cake? Ice cream cake!!!!
    Ice pop or ice cream? Ice cream!!

  15. Guess! OK, its purplewizard50

    Vanilla OR chocolate? Chocolate all the way!
    Cup OR cone? Cone
    Sprinkles OR crunchies? SPRINKLEZ
    Regular OR soft serve? Soft Serve
    Dairy Queen OR Ben & Jerry’s? Ben and Jerry’s
    Make-your-own-sundae bar OR frozen yogurt? FROOOOOOZZZZEEEEENNNN YOGUUUURRRRTTTT!!!!!!
    Ice cream cake for your birthday OR regular cake? Ice cream cake
    Ice pop OR ice cream? ice cream