July 16, 2014

Fantasy Who Would Win?

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Fantasy Books FestivalWho would win in a fight between your favorite fantasy characters?

I know what MY favorite thing about fantasy books is: fantasy books often have the most exciting, epic, earth-shattering battles. In worlds where anything is possible, magical creatures, logic-defying supernatural abilities, and even nature itself can turn any old argument into a knock-down, drag-out fight to save the universe. It’s so exciting!

Fight scenes in fantasy books always leave me wondering what I would do if I had the abilities or strengths that the characters have. Would I try to save the world, too? Or would I go on silly adventures instead? Probably a little bit of both!

Today’s Fantasy Books Festival post is all about special abilities. Everyone loves a good collision of fantasy universes, so do a little imagining yourself: who would win in a fight between these fictional characters?

Who are your winners? Why? What are your suggestions for fantasy face-offs? Share in the Comments below!

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  1. Charli7e

    Hermione (Wands have longer range than knives)

    How about a face-off between Murtagh (from Eragon) and Horace (from The Ranger’s Apprentice)?

  2. Anonymous

    Gandalf because he came back from the dead and he knows both magic and hand-to-hand combat. and while I love Annabeth Hermione IS the brightest witch of her age.

  3. Indigobloodhound93

    COMP (Check Out My Profile)
    Malificent Because she is awesome and I love the kingdom keepers and she turns into a dragon
    Annabeth Because she is the daughter of Athena and Athena is very smart
    I don’t know about the last two books

  4. Bobby

    I think annabeth would totally win against heromine because she has her cap of invisibility and strategic thinking.Heromine however known actual hand to hand combat if she were to lose her wand it would be over for her.

  5. silverdragon1590

    Emmet from the lego movie comic books v.s Harry Potter. Or President Buisiness from the lego movie books v.s Voldemort. I think thee Harry Potter guys would beat the lego movie books guys.

  6. Elle

    1. Maleficent
    2. Annabeth
    3. Eustace… as a dragon.

    Or mine:
    Harry Potter versus Percy Jackson?
    Charlie Bone versus Seth from Fablehaven?