June 9, 2014

What Would You Do If?

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AquaLadybug7 has a random quiz for you, and I have to say these questions really made me think! Libraries closed for 28 years???!!!! What kind of sick person would do that???

Anyway, here is the quiz. I need to go lie down after the shock of question #3.

Hey, everyone. I’m going to give you a bunch of wacky situations and you’re going to reply saying what you would do. So . . . WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF . . .AquaLadybug Avatar

  1. You got sucked into an annoying commercial that kept on playing the same corny song over and over and over again?
  2. You went outside in June in your favorite new outfit and then it started to rain and it was RUINED!?
  3. All libraries closed their doors for the next 28 years?
  4. You bought something online for $500,000 and it turned out to be a scam?
  5. You could have 3 wishes?
  6. You could actually TASTE a cloud and it tasted NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO COTTON CANDY?
  7. You jumped on a giant trampoline and you ended up on the moon?

Leave your answers in the Comments.Then visit AquaLadybug7 on the STACKS Buzz Board to say, “Hi!” Also, check out AquaLadybug’s latest What Would You Do If Quiz!
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  1. Nanaaba

    If I had 3 wishes is that I wish that my crush will like me, then be the smartes person in the world ,I had $700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  2. cj

    For one i would go crazy.For 2 buy the outfit again. For 3 I would scream my head off and start a protest.4- I would tell the police. For 5, I would wish for unlimited wishes then ask for world peace, everybody to become Christians or at least hear and listen to someone talk about God. Then for everything I wanted. 6- I would spit the cloud out. 7- start praying

  3. lionnectar21

    For the number 7: I will know that i will die but first i will do a flip in space or borrow a astronant suit and a spaceship in due time then go back to space.

  4. Annette

    1 I would get mad
    2 I would be angry
    3 I will buy all the books in the whole world
    4 I’d try to track that person down
    5 I’d wish for a healthy family, a good future and to have lots of fun
    6 I would not care
    7 I would be worried


    1.id take the micro phone and sing let it go
    2.i don’t care, I don’t have a new outfit
    3.id get e-books instead, but id be REALLY MAD!!!!!
    4.dont worry, I have more money
    5.id wish 4 more wishes
    6.so? its not supposed 2
    7.WEE (did I have a space suit on?)

  6. Anonymous

    for question # 3, i would go and spend every dollar i have on books, and i would start my own library. if i couldn’t do that, well… i don’t know what i would do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. FabulosoFashion30

    3) One, most of the books I read is from the library. Two, HOW COULD THEY

  8. Janelle

    If the library was closed for the nest 28 years, I would be SO bored during summer vacation and I would cry. I read most of my books from the Public Library. Besides, if you read on the computer or kindle your eye sight would be poor in a few years with the library closed.

  9. Janelle

    If the library was closed for the nest 28 years, I would be SO bored during summer vacation and I would cry. I read most of my books from the Public Library. Besides, if you read on the computer or kindle your eye sight would be poor in a few years with the library closed.


    1. bring earplugs or headphones
    2.buy another one
    3. sit outside and cry or read one of my books and cry or write a story and cry
    4.send it back
    5. to fly, to be the first young author, and be a KIDZ BOP star
    6. eat the rest of it to prevent rain
    7. make another one and jump to earth

  11. doggy456

    1;shut the TV2:buy a new 1 3:28 YEARS?!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4;That is CRAZY!5;AWESOME!!6:spit it out!7;tecnecly,i would die:(

  12. jolie

    1. i would try to get out as fast as i could.
    2. i would save up a lot of money to buy a new one.
    3.i would DIE.
    4.i would try to shut down their business.
    5. i would wish to help all the people in need of things, and to get better at sports, and to be superextrakind to people.
    6. i would be super mad because that was my dream.
    7. i would SCREAM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!

  13. Something

    1. Walk out, if possible. If not, break the source of the noise.
    2. I wouldn’t care.
    3. I would sob profusely, then save up Barnes and Noble gift cards and e-books, and then make my own traveling library.
    4. Sue the person’s pants off.
    5. I’d use them to wish for more wishes.
    6. I wouldn’t be surprised.
    7. I would promptly die from lack of oxygen.

  14. Gabby

    1.Change the tune at least
    2.Buy a new one
    3.Create an organization where you can trade books with other people
    4.Call 911
    5. 1.Meet my fav celebs 2.Get a pet 3.open those librarys back up
    6.Get some drink
    7.Catch a shooting star

  15. Aislyn

    those were amazing questions. They were very hard to answer. The worst thing ever would be libraries closing for like ever.

  16. Iffat

    1. Cry. A lot (Mommy!!!!!!!).
    2. Shrug and run back inside to change into a not-so-awesome outfit.
    3. I would probably DIE! Books are my life!
    4. I’ll cross THAT bridge when i come to it.
    5. My first wish would be that all these wishes turned out the way I want them too. Then I would make a list and wish for everything on that list. Lastly, I would wish I could get everything for FREE!!!!
    6. Depends on what it would taste like instead.
    7. I would die, because you know, there’s no oxygen up there.

    1. diplomatlion11

      4.I would get so mad smoke would come out of my ears and my face would turn red!
      P.S.-Sorry don’t know what happened!

  17. talentedazure 10

    don’t even get me started about the commerical thing i’ve lived through! it’s so annoyying that after it’s over your so releaved that you might actually stop pulling your hair out!! :)

  18. caringeyes11

    My birthday is coming! I know that this is not even close to what one of the prompts are, but I really needed to share this with somebody other than my family and a couple of friends. So sorry that I did not answer the prompt! (from the moderator- please don’t share birthrates. Thanks)

  19. roosterkitten11

    1) I would go to the nearest corner, scrunch into a ball facing the corner, close my ears until it stops. My other choice is try to sing along with the commercial and try to enjoy the commercial.
    2) I would buy a new outfit- how hard is that?!
    3) I would not really care. :)
    4) I would sue the person who made the scam and call the police.
    5) I would wish to speak every language, wish my brother and dog was alive, and wish my family had all their needs.
    6) I would scream out: ” The world may never know!”
    7) I would take a bunch of selfies, scream for help, and try to figure out a way to get back to Earth.