June 9, 2014

What Would You Do If?

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AquaLadybug7 has a random quiz for you, and I have to say these questions really made me think! Libraries closed for 28 years???!!!! What kind of sick person would do that???

Anyway, here is the quiz. I need to go lie down after the shock of question #3.

Hey, everyone. I’m going to give you a bunch of wacky situations and you’re going to reply saying what you would do. So . . . WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF . . .AquaLadybug Avatar

  1. You got sucked into an annoying commercial that kept on playing the same corny song over and over and over again?
  2. You went outside in June in your favorite new outfit and then it started to rain and it was RUINED!?
  3. All libraries closed their doors for the next 28 years?
  4. You bought something online for $500,000 and it turned out to be a scam?
  5. You could have 3 wishes?
  6. You could actually TASTE a cloud and it tasted NOTHING EVEN CLOSE TO COTTON CANDY?
  7. You jumped on a giant trampoline and you ended up on the moon?

Leave your answers in the Comments.Then visit AquaLadybug7 on the STACKS Buzz Board to say, “Hi!” Also, check out AquaLadybug’s latest What Would You Do If Quiz!
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  1. Jaimee

    for questions 1 2 3 4 i would not like. 5 my 3 wishes would be for everything i have ever wanted x3. 6 7 i would scream as loud as i can.

  2. doggy456

    I would turn the TV off2;buy a new 1 3:GET SOOOOOOOO MAD !!!!4;call the cops5;ask for peace,love,and faith6:SPIT IT OUT!7;well,i would die

  3. Jessi

    1. I would plug my ears or I would sing along with it 2.I would have to throw it away and buy a new one 3.I would have to read on the computer and I-pad 4.I would call the news and report them so nobody else would get scammed 5. I would wish that I could have five cats without paying 6.I would put cotton candy on it and rub it then eat it 7. I would explore the moon.

  4. Puppetcheerful14

    1.i would walk right out,
    2. I would save up more money.
    3.my soul would be crushed.
    4.i would sue them
    5.a) books to all b) I would give food to all c) I would bring every one happiness.
    6. Crushed my dream

  5. shrewddreamtime11

    1 I would make the commercial song tape go psssssssssssssssshhhhhh … BOOM
    2 ha ha ha jokes on u I brought an umbrella!!! I checked the weather that morning so HA
    3 I would go to my secret vault full of books and lock myself in there with food and water for 28 years
    4 no worries i’ll sue them as revenge
    5 money 3,000 more wishes and the latest fashion trends
    6 invent a spray thet makes ANYTHING taste better
    7 first say hello to the man on the moon then start seeing how high I can jump lastly check if there’s any cell service before I call my alien friends from venus to give me a lift home in their space ferarri

    1. talentedazure 10

      i love what you said about one and two who woldent check the weather befor they left and i would make it go pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..BOOM!!! to! :P :)

  6. chasingcobra485

    5.my first wish would be unlimited money (Hey, I’m being honest ). my second wish would be world peace. last but not least, my third wish would be to not make anyone in the world starve anymore (So basically to stop world hunger).

  7. joshua


  8. Anonymous

    1: I will yell “THIS STUFF IS USELESS” (not really :P )
    2:Scream as loud as I can if its my summer outfit
    4.: I’ll get my money back ^u^
    5. First wish: world peace, second: stop world hunger ,third: Education to the ones who cannot afford to go to school
    6: I’ll be very sad that I had nothing to eat then
    7: “….that…was…AWESOME

  9. Angel

    if all the library’s closed there doors for the next 28 years I would die from having to buy books from the store

  10. turquoisedragon525

    i would totally wish for being rich having a tamed pet tiger and a gift card for everything i buy is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mindconfident23

    1.i would just get up and leave (even though people would probably spread lots of rumors)

  12. trumpetsuper9

    if i had 3 wishes i would 1st wish= NO CHORES 2ND WISH=meet celebs third wish=be rich thanks for reading

  13. stonefairy

    1. Try to figure out how on earth to get back out!
    2. Oh well… stuff happens. I’d maybe try to make something new out of the clothes.
    3. Too horrible to think about!! But if it happened I’d read every single book in my house first, then look for books online, and in my friend’s houses, and try to find a way to make libraries open their doors again!
    4. Hunt the scam instigator down!
    5. Helpful things.
    6. Be very, very disappointed. ;)
    7. Wait for astronauts to rescue me. (And explore the moon while waiting.)

  14. breezebrain39


    2. I would take sewing classes and then I’d sew an identical outfit. But then, to get my revenge, I would go outside one day and scream “YOU DIDN’T GET ME THIS TIME, PRECIPITATION!” Yeah, I know people would stare at me and think I’m crazy (like, “Who is that person and why is she screaming at the sky? Is she talking to ghosts, or something?”), but rain will not make me feel pain. :twisted:

    3. I’d write my own books for the next 28 years and sell them in the street. And I’d read my other books I haven’t read (like, those REALLY big novels that are the only ones that could get me through all that time). Oh! And I’d let people borrow books, I guess.

    4. First, I’d find out if I could get a refund. Then, I’d probably sue the people who sold me the fake car (if it’s $500,000 and it’s a scam, then I’m considering it a fake car) for about $1,000,000. And then they’d get arrested because we’d find out that they….stole the last cookie from the cookie jar!!!!!!! And did mustache graffiti on people’s faces at sleepovers. HORRIBLE crimes!

    5. My first wish. I wish I had unlimited wishes. Hopefully, the genie will say “Your wish is my command.” My second wish. I wish I had more books. My third wish. I wish I lived in Oxford, England.

    6. I would SPIT the cloud taste out of my mouth, invent a “Get rid of that flavor!” potion in 5 seconds, drink it, and tell everyone to never taste a cloud.

    7. I would find an astronaut nearby, tell them what happened, and then I’d be (I think) the first 9 year old in space without training. And I’d be friends with the astronauts. And I’d make sure to not jump on trampolines after eating 45 consecutive sugar cubes, because that’s what caused this thing in the first place!

  15. Anonymous

    hii :O lol i dunno what im doing jus commenting random :) but i love the series for “how i servived middle school” im trying to finish all the books but i doubt it cuz todays a pd day and my school will only let u check out books untill june 13. i love these books cuz next year i am going to middle school gr 6 *-*

  16. dragonwind113

    1: Change the channel to Doctor Who or go find the TARDIS to get out.

    2: I have no favorites.

    3: Die and go to heaven. (which is a giant library, stay out of the shadows)

    4: I wouldn’t ever save that much to buy it.

    5: Wish for more.

    6: Call Discord to come fix it. (my little pony thing)

    7: Wee!