June 2, 2014

Liv & Maddie Would You Rather

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Dove Cameron as Liv and Maddie

Liv & Maddie Would You Rather?

We know you guys are huge Liv & Maddie fans. Our Dove Cameron interview got 295 Comments! Not only is Dove such a sweet, fun, down-to-earth girl in real life (as you can see in this video), but she also starred as the uber-cool snowboarder in Disney movie Cloud 9, and plays identical twins Liv and Maddie on the TV show by the same name: Liv & Maddie. If you’re a big fan, you’re gonna want to answer . . .

Would you rather . . . 

  1. Be a Hollywood star like Liv OR a sports pro like Maddie?
  2. Babysit their prankster little brother Parker OR do homework with super-smart big brother Joey?
  3. Be a triplet of Liv and Maddie OR a triplet of Benji and Joel Madden?
  4. Play basketball with Liv OR go shopping with Maddie?
  5. Wear high tops OR high heels?
  6. Find out you have a long lost twin OR be an only child?
  7. Have your parents work at your school (like Liv and Maddie’s parents) OR be homeschooled by your parents?
  8. See a crossover episode Liv & Maddie Meet the Haunted Hathaways OR Liv & Maddie Meet Lab Rats?

Let us know what YOU would rather, Liv & Maddie style in the Comments below! And as Maddie would say, “Bam! What?”

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. pinkdance240

    5.HIGH TOPS.

  2. pinkpig648

    1:I would want to be a pro sports player like Maddie.
    2: I would want to babysit a prankster little brother Parker.

  3. Anonymous

    For me my style would kind of be maddie becauce she likes basketball and I love that . Favorite sport

  4. Sarah

    1) A sports pro like Maddie
    2) Babysit their prankster little brother Parker
    3) Tripley of Liv and Maddie
    4) Go shopping with Maddie
    5) High tops
    6) Find out you have a lost twin
    7) Have your parents work at your school
    8) Liv & Maddie Meet Lab Rats

  5. Shorty20212021

    1. sports pro like Maddie
    3.. Liv and Maddie
    4.play basket ball
    5. high tops
    6. long lost twin
    7. work at school
    8.Liv and Maddie meet the Lab Rays

  6. Anonymous

    - be a pop star
    - do homework with joey
    -be a triplet with liv and maddie
    -go shopping with maddie
    -where high heels
    -be an only child
    -have your parents work at your school
    - the haunted hathaways

  7. Maria

    Hollywood Star, do homework, Liv and Maddie, Shopping with Maddie, High Heels, Long lost twin, Parents work at school, Livand Maddie meet Lab Rats. :p

  8. lainey

    sports pro
    babysit brother
    be a triplet of Liv and Maddie
    high tops
    long lost twin
    parents work at school
    liv and maddie meet lab rats

  9. cloudrain15

    I would like to be a Hollywood star, and do HW with super smart big brother Joey, and I would like to be a triplet of Liv and Maddie, and I would like to go shopping, and I would wear high tops, and I would want to find my long lost twin, and have my mom work at my school, and see Liv and Maddie meet lab rats, since I do not know what the other show is.

  10. kaelani

    wow very cool love liv and maddie !~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sups spectacular

  11. Mrs. R's Class

    1. Sports Pro
    2. homework!
    3.Triplet of Liv and Maddie
    4.Play basketball
    5.Wear high tops
    6.Find out you have a long lost twin
    7.Have your parents work at your school
    8.See a crossover episode of Liv & Maddie Meet Lab Rats?

  12. Quen'Nyshia

    1.Be a Hollywood star like liv or sports pro like maddie.P.s i love liv and maddie you are amsome.

  13. cheerydownpour10

    1. Be a sports pro, like Maddie
    2. Do homework with Joey
    3. Be a triplet of Liv and Maddie
    4. Go shopping with Maddie
    5. High tops
    6. Be an only child- I want to be unique from others.
    7. Have my parents work at my school
    8. I don’t like ”Haunted Hathaways” or ”Lab Rats, so neither one.