June 3, 2014

End-of-the-Year Quiz

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Writing PromptRate Your School Year!

I got this idea from Moderator Katie on the STACKS Buzz Board. Since it is the end of the school year for many of you, take some time now to think over the past year and answer these questions.

  1. Overall, from 1 (low) to 10 (high), how was your school year?
  2. What was the BEST thing that happened to you in this school year?
  3. What was the WORST thing that happened to you in this school year?
  4. What lessons did you learn from both or either #2 or #3?
  5. What is your proudest accomplishment in this school year?
  6. What would you have done differently in this school year?
  7. Any summer resolutions? What are they?
  8. What do you want to work on MOST in the next school year?
  9. What is one experience you had in this school year that you never would have BELIEVED could happen to you?
  10. Any other hopes, dreams, comments now that this school year is just about done?

Leave your answers in the Comments. Then go read Katie’s original quiz and say, “Hi!” on the Buzz Board!

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  1. dancecash24

    i love the pics of dogs both but the second one is awesome and pretty im sorry but im selling dog that is blue eyed really pretty for real

  2. lavendermermaid241

    the last week of school was epic we had a bunch of fun while the first week of school was boring because I had no friends

  3. adorabledolphin149

    1. 10 The Best School Year ever
    2. Got All a’s
    3.I think the worst thing was when I froze when I went up to present a project in front of my class
    4.To Always Persevere
    5.Geting all A’s
    6. To not be scared as much
    7.To Read more
    8.My writing to write better
    10. It was very fun

  4. tsunamisea9

    For my school year of 2013-2014, my overall score was eight. It was good and sometime it wasn’t fun. The best thing that happened in this school year was participating in some cool events like reading competition and drama club. Nothing got worst for me this year, The lessons I learned from my teacher was to continue to work hard and keeping up good grades. My proudest accomplishment was being the student of the year, top writing, and highest GPA student of middle school. I don’t know about number 6. This summer, I am going to read more and prepare for 8th grade. What I want to work on the most is to study and learn more about civil war. One thing I know is that I couldn’t believed that we were co- champion in the competition. i couldn’t have gotten this far without my team. My hopes are to keep up with good grades, and hoping it will the best year next year before I start high school. My dream goal is to become more successful than I did this year!

  5. Catherine

    1. 9 Because I got good grades and it was very fun but not the best school year
    2. I won the Spelling Bee at my School!
    3.I forgot my project at home I was the only one without a project!
    4. To Persevere and don’t be forgetful
    5. I got all A’s
    6. To Work Even harder then I did
    7. To Practice my Math Facts and Read more
    8. More on Writing so I have better skills
    9. As I go back to #2 I never even thought I could be in the spelling bee!
    10. It was A very fun Year. If you were there you would of like it too.