May 26, 2014

The World's Largest Dragon

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Wait, so dragons really do exist?! Not quite. That’s actually just the world’s largest walking robot, but it still looks pretty scary! I think The Lord of the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien put it best when he said, “Never laugh at live dragons!”

Largest Walking Robotic Dragon

Photo Credit: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records

If these dragon slayers could speak, what do you think they would be saying? Or if the dragon could speak, what would it be saying?

Largest Walking Robotic Dragon

Photo Credit: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records

Write YOUR caption for the picture in the Comments below!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

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  1. Suzu

    That knight is such a coward, he’s running away! He should be able to at least fight the dragon and save the princess. Who’s with me?

  2. sapphirequest24

    Dragon: “ROOOOOOOOAR!!!”
    Prince: “Never fear, Prince is here… AH!!”
    Princess: “Nevermind that… LET’S GET OUTTA HERE!!!”

  3. midsummerbook13

    For the first one the dragon slayers would be saying “Ye trying to fight it, need to defeat it.” and for the second one the dragon slayers would be saying ” Oh, forget about it. Lets go back to our warm and safe castle.”

  4. hawkbreeze63

    WOW thats an awesome picture!!! i would put: (im a knight, and i fight for my castle’s liberty) :D

  5. Anubisvampire87

    “Save me, my Prince!” Prince pulls out sword, and then says cowardly, “Are you sure?” Princess sighs, then says, “Fine.” Princess looks around. “Take me to that castle!” And then they run off to live happily ever after… Until the dragon finds them…:(

  6. scalessteak8

    I think the dragon slayers would say” AHHHHHH! Someone help! The dragon is too powerful! Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!” The dragon would say” HA HA there is no one around to help you so now my lunch is free. Well, since your sword is gone, there is no fight! YIPEEE!

  7. ponybeliever2

    1st Picture : (Prince & Princess) “Let us slay this dragon!”

    2nd Picture: (Princess) AHHHHHHH!!!!!” (Prince) You scream like a girl! (Princess) Well of course I do I AM A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. dragon

    In the first picture I think the prince is saying:ha!Not so thouth now are you silly dragon!Then in the seacond picture the prince is saying:RUN AWAY!!!!!!

  9. JOSE

    THAT DRAGON LOOKS COOL! but why cant it look like Godzilla the monster is scary and looks so tall but in the computer it looks small.I’m just saying that dragon is not scary so if your going to put a scary movie with that dragon i wont see it because the head is bigger than its head and the guys do not look scared from the dragon. In Godzilla every body is scared and the Military is fighting it. So that is why the dragon is a bad dragon.

  10. tealreading11

    For the first picture I would put (the brave prince is fighting the dragon to save his love!) For the second picture I would put (on second thought the dragon is too strong for the prince! He and his princess just runs to their castle.)