May 5, 2014

Save the Planet Writing Prompt

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Earth from space photoHow would YOU save our planet?

With Earth Day fresh in our brains, we thought it was the perfect time to feature a question posted by one of our STACKS users.

“If you could do one thing to help the planet or humankind as a whole, what would it be? Or if you could invent one thing that would forward the advancement of human civilization, what would it be?” AquaCat586
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It could be something real, or something you dream up, something small, or something on a large scale. The sky is the limit! What would you do to help the planet or advance civilization? Let us know in the Comments below!

To talk about more ways to save the earth, go to the Save the Planet Message Board and meet lots of environmental crusaders.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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  1. from Hailbold13

    I would save the planet because that is were we grow up.are you friends with me because we look the same. hahaha

  2. jordyn

    I would save the planet because thats our im v iorment and thats were we live and were we have grown up dont give up on earth now

  3. Emerald.

    I would save the world by.. Recycling,
    Recycling is a big thing in America, but very little people ACTUALLY do recyle. Now I’m not the type to recycle because if you think about, your re using something someone could have done ANYTHING with, what changed my mind was when we were in science calss, and we were talking about natural resources and things, and it got me thinking, “Hmmm recycling isn’y such a bad idea, its saving the scarce amount of resources we have left”. Because once those run out, we’re done for good. Evenutally we will but as far asright now i think we should do our best to save them while we can. A BIG task for a small girl like me, But together I feel and think that this world one step at a time, can become a better place.

    The End, BY Emeraldheart459

  4. Crazy Swagger

    i would make a rule no littring svaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the planet an if people littered i would do cummity service and and how ever much they therw on the ground that how many days

    You Bet Not Litter

  5. forestcheese14

    I would make a law that said there could only be a certain amount of animals hunted so we would have more animals on earth and for animals that are already extinct the ones that are left can’t be hunted.

  6. bookwormgirl45

    I guess I would invent a gadget that soaks up all the pollution that is caused by us and then it would convert it to energy! Then we would not have pollution and also, we would not face an energy crisis!