May 29, 2014

Has Harry Potter Changed Your Life?

Harry Potter stampWriting Prompt: How Harry Potter Has Changed YOU

Everyone remembers the first time he or she opened a Harry Potter book and started reading. Think back to the time before Harry Potter was in your life and tell us how reading the books has changed you as a person, changed how you look at certain things, and changed your perspective on life in general.

Firstly, Hermione became my alter-ego and I became a self-motivated, straight-A student. Now I just do my absolute best with everything because she makes it cool to be a nerd. I became more responsible because of Hermione.

Seeing how Harry suffered at the Dursleys’ house made me put my stupid, little problems in perspective.

Seeing how coolly weird Luna is made me accept myself as an individual, if you know what I mean. Like, before, I was obsessed with conforming and being popular, and Luna made me step back and realize that there’s only one of me. And my friendships have actually improved since then.

Harry showed me that you need to believe in yourself and know who your true friends are even when everyone hates you. – EarlyElf6

I must thank Luna the most. Without her, I would probably have always kept my quirky weirdness to myself. To me, HP has been a lot more than words on paper. It has been a life-changing, motivating, roller coaster ride of a story and I absolutely adore it. – Popcorn3Penguin

Leave a Comment and tell us: How has reading Harry Potter changed YOUR life?

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  1. Poseidondolphin255

    Molly changed me because she taught me that even though you may be less powerful than another person you can still take a swing at beating them. Example when Molly defeats Beatrix.

  2. Midsummermermaid30

    Harry Potter! :) One of my favorite series’ in the world. You were my first REAL book series.

    1. Zach mapsailing11

      They are good but my fav are Inheritance cycle (Eargon), Legend series, Hunger games, Divergent and The Mortal Instruments. (I am a REALLY high level reader!)
      Like Harry Potter too, I finished the whole series in a week.

  3. Willie

    Ibarra potter helped inspired me to protect my friends and not to give up at thing i can do without them AWESOME tec. HARRY IS MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER

  4. fearless pegasus 12

    Ive grown up with harry potter!
    i was introduced to it when 3 or 4
    and couldn’t eat without watching chamber of secrets\
    i even went to the conventions that my moms work hosted
    i can’t believe its done :(

  5. energeticgriffin20

    Harry Potter has not exactly changed my life, but it has given me a new series to read. Sometimes, I think about our world if it was like Hogwarts or other magical places. That would be awesome!

  6. guitarrolling9

    Harry Potter hasn’t changed my life but I have a problem comparison. This year was pretty much the worst because she was a total DRAMA QUEEN. She was a fake too. I said one tiny thing to her and she just cries and cries and the worst part is she was smiling too. When I told her that, she covered it up and said that she wasn’t. Only three of my best friends saw it and everyone said,” What did you do that for?’ or” You’re so mean”. I ran to the bathrooms and felt like screaming. I had mixed emotions. The comparison is from when Draco Malfoy faked an arm injury.I can’t stand her.