May 29, 2014

Has Harry Potter Changed Your Life?

Harry Potter stampWriting Prompt: How Harry Potter Has Changed YOU

Everyone remembers the first time he or she opened a Harry Potter book and started reading. Think back to the time before Harry Potter was in your life and tell us how reading the books has changed you as a person, changed how you look at certain things, and changed your perspective on life in general.

Firstly, Hermione became my alter-ego and I became a self-motivated, straight-A student. Now I just do my absolute best with everything because she makes it cool to be a nerd. I became more responsible because of Hermione.

Seeing how Harry suffered at the Dursleys’ house made me put my stupid, little problems in perspective.

Seeing how coolly weird Luna is made me accept myself as an individual, if you know what I mean. Like, before, I was obsessed with conforming and being popular, and Luna made me step back and realize that there’s only one of me. And my friendships have actually improved since then.

Harry showed me that you need to believe in yourself and know who your true friends are even when everyone hates you. – EarlyElf6

I must thank Luna the most. Without her, I would probably have always kept my quirky weirdness to myself. To me, HP has been a lot more than words on paper. It has been a life-changing, motivating, roller coaster ride of a story and I absolutely adore it. – Popcorn3Penguin

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  1. guitarrolling9

    I don’t think Harry Potter has changed my life, but I can compare my problems to his. This was pretty much my worst school year because this girl in my class was a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN! No wait, she wasn’t a bit of a drama queen she was 100% drama queen. There was a time when I said one little thing to her and she just burst out crying. I know you might be thinking that I must have said something horrible to her but, as teachers have said, ‘ do not say something unless you are okay with someone saying it to you’ and I would be okay with it. So I asked my best friends about their opinions and they said that they would be okay with it. Oh, and by the way, what I said was not a bad word. The next time I said something to her because I forgot what was going to be her reaction, the same thing happened, except she was smiling. So I said, ” Oh my gosh. You’re smiling!!!!” She quickly covered it up and said,” No I’m not ” in her little princess voice. Only three of my best friends saw that she smiled and everyone else told me that I was being mean. I was so frustrated I ran to the bathroom and wept. This comparison is from when Draco Malfoy faked an arm injury in one of the books. I forgot. Everyone thinks that the girl is perfect and nobody realized what happened. :(

  2. Labradorblack175

    Harry Potter, I think, has changed my life for the better. What J.K Rowling did was not write a seven part fictional series, but made a world for others to come into and enjoy. People of ALL aged will and have enjoyed this. Everyone has a character that they can relate to, even if it is a imaginary character that is mixed with other characters. The people in these books will connect, stick with you, and will NEVER leave. You may not know that they are there with you, but they are, in the little part of the back of your head.

    The characters that J.K Rowling has created teach you things. Like Hermione, she taught me that it does good to know things in life. Luna taught me that to be yourself is better than to try and be cool. People will like you for who you are, and the ones who don’t, aren’t worth impressing. Ron taught me how to be a loyal friend to those that I care about. Fred and George taught me how to see the light during the darkest of times. Neville taught me how to keep my cool if anyone laughs at me when I mess up. Mistakes happen, and that is okay. Even Draco Malfoy, one of the bad guys, taught me something. He taught me how to stand up for what you believe is right. What I learned from Sirius and Lupin is how to be loyal and help your best friend no matter how long ago they were with you. Then Harry Potter taught me many things. When a friend is in trouble, you should go and ave them no matter what. When bad things happen, you have t try and see the light. And when it comes to doing something that you can’t back out of, you finish the job, and do it right.
    Sorry this is so ling, but I just love the books so much. Harry Potter is my life.

  3. moonlightnebula42

    It made me realize that there is a lot of imagination in the world and if you give it to the right people they can write AWESOME books!!!!!!! :) :):):):):):)

  4. HarryPotter's#1fan

    Harry Potter has inspired me to face my problems and not back away from them. I don’t understand why some people don’t like the books!

  5. senior 8

    yes … so much! before i read Harry Potter i thought it was weird to be in love with books and wish you were whatever your favorite character was… but, now i am in love with harry potter (the books not the person) and wish was a wizard!

  6. soccereggs24 first name is jonathan

    my brother ben is a big fan of yours I have seen all of your movies and a girl named Meghan she reads a lot of your books

  7. First Name Only or STACKS username

    you people should try reading the series again. maybe you will like it this time around.

  8. library20

    Harry Potter u could say im a harry potter fananic its changed how i c every thing i look at that looks the least bet magical

  9. Sophie

    Harry Potter changed my life by Hermione was a great role model for school to help me want to be a better student. And Ron taught me to be funny and not to take everthing seriously.

    And of course Harry he is the best ever he teaches us to be brave and be yourself.

  10. SilverLightning131

    Harry Potter is one of the best series I’ve ever read and trust me, I’ve read A LOT of books. It’s taught me to look at the world in a different way and to never give up. One of my favorite characters is probably Luna Lovegood. She taught me that being weird is okay and to not judge a book by its cover because people thought she was crazy and insane but she turned out to be a very important character that helped harry the whole way through.

  11. Ginny4ever

    OMG. Ever since I read Harry Potter, I can’t go a day without referring to it. I even dressed up as a Gryffindor once! Without him, I probably would not be as interesting now as I was then!

  12. HPHedwig

    Well, to start, Harry, Ron, and Hermione remind me of me and my other friends. They help my remind myself that everyone is unique and you can be different from everyone else. My teacher has not read Harry Potter yet, but loves that I am only in fourth grade and read it it only in two and a half months. People get annoyed when I recite random quotes, but I don’t care because Luna Lovegood is always blurting out something about a Crumple Horned Snorksack or the QUIBBLER. My favorite book has to be the fifth or the seventh. I love it so much!!!!!! My friends think that I’m crazy, but I don’t care. Every time I take the test to sort me,I end up in Gryffindor. My favorite character has to be Harry, Luna, Sirius(don’t want to spoil anything), or Dobby(same thing too)
    Quidditch has to be my favorite sport. To conclude, I wish I wasn’t a Muggle!!

  13. appledawn127

    i like this it is so fun even my classmates love it im doing it at home and it is so fun thank u for making this for kids and teahers and other

  14. bearcity32

    Harry Potter is awesome! I’ve read the books 15 times! I’m pretty much the same as Hermione, but Sirius Black is m fave character by far! PADFOOT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!