May 29, 2014

Has Harry Potter Changed Your Life?

Harry Potter stampWriting Prompt: How Harry Potter Has Changed YOU

Everyone remembers the first time he or she opened a Harry Potter book and started reading. Think back to the time before Harry Potter was in your life and tell us how reading the books has changed you as a person, changed how you look at certain things, and changed your perspective on life in general.

Firstly, Hermione became my alter-ego and I became a self-motivated, straight-A student. Now I just do my absolute best with everything because she makes it cool to be a nerd. I became more responsible because of Hermione.

Seeing how Harry suffered at the Dursleys’ house made me put my stupid, little problems in perspective.

Seeing how coolly weird Luna is made me accept myself as an individual, if you know what I mean. Like, before, I was obsessed with conforming and being popular, and Luna made me step back and realize that there’s only one of me. And my friendships have actually improved since then.

Harry showed me that you need to believe in yourself and know who your true friends are even when everyone hates you. – EarlyElf6

I must thank Luna the most. Without her, I would probably have always kept my quirky weirdness to myself. To me, HP has been a lot more than words on paper. It has been a life-changing, motivating, roller coaster ride of a story and I absolutely adore it. – Popcorn3Penguin

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  1. confidentsummer12

    Of coarse I have seen all the movies and read all the books. I wish I was Hermoine she is awesome.

  2. nathaniel

    i am seeing life in a different way because of harry himself and seeing life from his eyes i’ve been encouraged to show myself

  3. thunderstormtea15

    harry potter has made me look at the world a different way and i’m only in chapter eight of the first book!

  4. growlingdreamer8

    OMG! i love harry potter! even though im in third grade and only up to the fith book i love it so far! hermione is my favorite character but every harry potter profile games i always turn out being harry or his things!

  5. vdela

    no it did not change my lifr at all and i like harry potter the movei all the time;]


  6. gopherconstellation12

    I am a real fan of harry because I learned from him to never give up. he goes to defeat voldemort when his friends told him not to. now I always keep trying my best . but before I just used to give up at EVERYTHING! IF I NEVER DISCOVERED HARRY POTTER I WOULD BE REALLY BAD AT DOING THINGS. WELL HOW IS YOUR ROLL MODEL?! GO HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 111111111111111111

    Wow it sure has!!!! Sometimes I daydream about flying on a N2000 N2001 and Firebolt. I love the books.

  8. yellowlabrador138

    Hermione has made me feel more confident about myself. I am a gifted child and a total nerd. I used to be shy and afraid to express myself. But now I can confidently speak my mind and be exactly who I am. If I hadn’t discovered these books, I wouldn’t have discovered who I was or how to speak up for what I believe in. I hope that the Harry Potter books have had the same effect on anyone who has read them, and if so, I hope they reply to this comment. Go HP!


    Ron changed my life because with out him i would not be funny but at the same time sorta smart

  10. chasingtrick8

    I am like Hermione because I am very smart like her. I am also like harry because he is very curious like me. Neville has also changed my life because now I stand up for my friends just like him.

  11. cheerfulconstellation18

    it was a really good book. when i started reading i began to ask many questions like why a three headed dog or what is a muggle? but it is an amazing novel. i love hermione

  12. bulldogbull823

    reading harry potter changed my life i never read so much in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ._. lol <3

  13. birdmath26

    I see the Harry Potter books as a spiritual experience, coupled with humor, adventure, and reflection. They affirmed my deep-down belief that good will always triumph over evil. And I will always cherish Dumbledore’s admonition (paraphrased): ” It’s our choices that determine who we are. “

  14. =hplove123

    i love harry potter it gives me something to look forward to every day now i have read and seen every harry potter book and movie 75 each(i counted). i can really connect with hermione and i stopped being ashamed of myself because of who i am