May 6, 2014

Austin & Ally Would You Rather Quiz

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Austin and Ally photoAustin & Ally Would You Rather?

He’s an outgoing fun-loving singer and dancer, and she’s an awkward, shy songwriter. Put them together and you have the TV show Austin & Ally! It’s one of the hottest shows out there, and if you’ve watched it, you know why.

They’ve had hit songs on the show, and on the radio. They’ve had a crossover episode with Disney Channel’s Jessie. They’ve been in movies. (Who could forget Ross Lynch in Teen Beach Movie?) But have they ever had their own Would You Rather? I don’t think so . . . until this moment!

So without further ado, Would You Rather . . .

1. Rock out to the song “Double Take” OR “Turn it Up?”
2. Hang out with Dez OR Trish?
3. Work at the beach club OR the music store?
4. Go to an Austin & Ally concert OR an R5 concert? (R5 being Ross Lynch’s band in real life!)
5. Go out to dinner with Ross Lynch OR Harry from One Direction?
6. Be behind the scenes like Ally OR kickin’ it onstage like Austin?
7. Have the next guest star be Selena Gomez OR Pharrell Williams?
8. Have chronic bad breath (like Kira in the “Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath” episode) OR accidentally drink massage oil (like Ally in the “Spas & Spices” episode)?

Let us know what YOU would rather do, Austin & Ally style, in the Comments below!

–Ratha, Stacks Writer

Photo courtesy Disney Channel

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  1. Anonymous

    i would rather go to a R5 concert, hang out with Trish go to dinner with Ross, onstage like Austin, Selena Gomez,drink massage oil :) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shrewddreamtime11

    double take
    beach club
    selena Gomez
    bad breath (you can always brush your teeth)

  3. Parisa

    1.”Turn it up”
    3.Music Store
    4.R5 concert
    5.Ross Lynch
    6.Onstage like Austin
    7.Selena Gomez
    8.Accidently drink massage oil


    1. turn it up
    2. trish
    3. beach club
    4.R5 CONCERT
    5.austin and ally
    6.kickin’t onstage like austin.
    7 selena gomez
    8. have chronic bad breath

  5. natiana

    1. rock out to double take
    2.hang out with dez at music store
    4.austin and alley concert
    5.go out to dinner with ross lynch
    6.kickin it onstage like austin
    7.pharrell williams
    8.accidently drink massage oil

  6. cheerydownpour10

    1. Turn it Up!!!
    2. Trish
    3. Music store
    4. R5
    5. I really don’t like One Direction AT ALL, so Ross Lynch. ( I have a little crush on him, anyways).
    6. Kickin’ it on stage like Austin!!!
    7. Selena Gomez I LOVE HER SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. Accidently drinking massage oil might kill me, but it would be so hard to talk to people with bad breath without embarrassing myself, so neither.