April 8, 2014

Sam and Cat Would You Rather

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Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande as Sam and CatSam & Cat Would You Rather

They’re unlikely BFFs. Sam is street-wise, rough, stubborn, and sarcastic. Cat is super-nice, bubbly, clumsy, and as some would say . . . not the sharpest tool in the shed! But put them together and you have not only a dynamic duo, but a hit show, Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat!  In it, the girls are roommates, and run a baby-sitting business together.

Why do we love Sam and Cat? There are too many reasons. They’re hilarious, both slightly crazy, not afraid to say inappropriate things. We loved Jennette McCurdy in iCarly, so it’s really fun to see Sam live on. And Ariana Grande, who played Cat in Victorious, has become a major breakout recording star!

Would You Rather . . .

1. Be baby-sat by Sam OR Cat?

2. Eat a giant plate of burritos like Sam OR a giant plate of marshmallows like Cat?

3. Receive for a gift (inspired by the Yay Day! episode): footwash/mouthwash OR a ratty, old pillow?

4. Have Cat read you a bedtime story in her “Cat” voice OR her real voice?

5. Be in a texting competition like Sam OR a mixed martial arts competition like Goomer?

6. Baby-sit the Brit-Brat twins (Remember the British con artist twins?) OR baby-sit Oscar-the-very-accident-prone-boy? (The name says it all!)

7. Go to a taping of Sam & Cat OR see Ariana Grande live in concert?

8. See Sam and Cat in a special movie where they become possessed Halloween demons OR fall in love on Valentine’s Day?

9. Be platinum blond like Sam OR have super-red hair like Cat (which she dyed for her favorite dessert: the red velvet cupcake)?

Let us know what you would rather, Sam & Cat style, in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Abby

    1. Sam
    2. marshmallows
    3. footwash/mouthwash
    4. real voice
    5. mixed martial arts
    7. concert
    8. possessed Halloween demons
    9. red hair

  2. koipizza16

    2. marsh mellows
    3. old pillow
    4. Cat
    5. Goomer
    6. brit brat
    7. taping
    8. speacial movie
    9. Blond

  3. Cha'Niya

    sam is crazy and cat is wierd becaues every time she see bibel’s she go running and sam love going to juve because she sometime comment a crime or damege pepole proptey she is mean to the british girls i’m your number 1 fan

  4. fairymagenta36

    1.sam 2. cat 3.ratty old pillow 4.real voice 5. sam 6.baby-sit-oscar-the-very-accident-prone-boy 7.go to a taping of sam in cat 8.see sam and cat in a movie 9.red hair

  5. First Name Only or STACKS username9

    2-Giant plate of marshmallows,
    3-Ratty, old pillow,
    4-Her Cat voice,
    5-Be in a texting competition like Sam,
    6-Baby-sit the Brit-Brat twins,
    7-Go to a taping of Sam & Cat,
    8-See Sam and Cat in a special movie where they become possessed Halloween demons,
    and 9-Be platinum blond like Sam.

  6. sleddingwaffle11

    i would rather be babysat by sam because sam is really fun and cool cat on the other hand not so much [ just playing i love you both!]

  7. Samantha

    Sam, giant plate of marshmallows, footwash/mouthwash, real voice, texting competition, oscar, taping of sam and cat, possesed halloween demons, platinum blonde like sam,

  8. dancecake59

    be babysat by cat, eat a plate of burritos like sam , footwash/mouthwash as a gift, in her cat voice, texting competition like sam, babysit brit brat twins, see ariana grande in concert, fall in love on valentines day, have red hair like cat

  9. natasha

    1 . sam
    2. burritos
    3. footwash / mouthwash
    4. real voice
    5. texting competition
    6. brit-brat twins
    7. go taping sam & cat
    8. fall in love on v-day
    9. blond like sam
    i love the show

  10. brandon

    I so wannna be on you alls show its funny and Arianna grande is cute and im only 17 I still wacth this show :) I wish you all can put a shout out for me bye

  11. Sandra

    2.marshmallows like cat
    4.In her Cat voice
    5.MMA competition
    6.Brit-Brat twins
    7.go to a taping of Sam and Cat
    8.fall in love on V-Day
    9.super-red hair like Cat

  12. AmberBrown358

    1) Sam
    2) Burritos
    3) Pillow
    4) Real voice
    5) Martial arts
    6) Brit- Brat twins
    7) Taping of Sam and Cat
    8) Fall in love on Valentine’s Day
    9) Blonde

  13. Chloe

    1. Cat
    2. Marshmallows!!!
    3. Yay Day!
    4. Real
    5. Mixed Martial Arts (like my brother and dad!)
    6. Oscar
    7. Ariana Grande live in concert
    8. BOTH!!!
    9. Plaitnum Blonde

  14. S

    1.sam she is way more fun

    2.burritos i love them

    3.ratty old pillows fixed easily

    4.real voice is much better

    5.texting i love to text


    7.sam and cat i do not want to listen to her sing!!!!!!

    8.holliween would be so much funny


  15. Nabi

    3. Ratty old pillow
    4. Real voice
    5. Texting
    6. Brit -Brat Twins
    7. Concert
    8. V – day
    9. Red

  16. adorabledolphin237

    1) Cat. cos i love her so much
    2) marshmallows cos i love them
    3) old pillow cos my mom can fix it
    4) in her cat coice cos i love her voice
    5) texting cos i don’t knoe any matial arts
    6) twins cos oscar has too many accidents
    7) both
    8) vday cos it would be so cool
    9) super red hair. cos it looks awesome!

  17. Mona

    1. Sam
    2. burritos
    3. a ratty old pillow
    4. real voice
    5. mixed martial arts
    6. Oscar
    7. Ariana in a live concert
    8. fall in love
    9. blond

    1. Nate

      Mouth wash/foot wash
      Real voice
      Mixed martial arts
      Brit brats
      Ariana in a concert
      Fall in love