April 29, 2014

Minecraft Would You Rather Quiz

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Minecraft)Minecraft Would You Rather

It’s the game that’s taking over the world and has people totally obsessed. It’s like building with LEGO bricks, becoming an engineer, and a little bit of killing zombies. You know what I’m talking about: MINECRAFT.

If you play Minecraft, you will like today’s Would You Rather Quiz. And if not, these choices might intrigue you anyway! So jump in. Would you rather . . .Minecraft Redstone Handbook book cover

1. Be attacked by a zombie OR fall off a bottomless pit?

2. Drink a sugar potion to run faster OR a golden carrot potion to see better in the dark?

3. Eat a poison potato OR rotten flesh?

4. Start digging a mine OR start building a farm?

5. Get trapped in a dungeon OR burned by lava?

6. Build a secret underwater glass hideout OR build a roller coaster?

7. Play Minecraft OR watch videos of people playing Minecraft?

Let us know your answers in the Comments below. Before nightfall . . . and the Creepers come out.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Sydney

    1. Fall off a bottomless pit 2. A golden carrot potion 3. rotten flesh 4. start building a farm
    5. Get trapped in a dungeon 6. Build a secret underwater glass hideout 7. Play Minecraft

  2. Hammath12

    1 i pick zombie
    2 i pick sugar potion
    3 i pick poison potato
    4 i pick mine for more iron i got 16 chest full of them
    5 i pick trapped in dungeon
    6 i pick roller coaster
    7 play minecraft duh
    watch stampylonghead plz he’s the best

  3. josephine k

    i do not know much about mine craft but i watch peaple play and its boring
    and its hard to see at night

  4. josephine

    1 be attacked by a zombie 3 rotten flesh 4 building a farm 5 burned by lava 2 golden carrot 6 underwater hideout 7 play

  5. Joanna

    1. Attacked by a zombie
    2. Golden Carrot Potion to see better!!!
    3. Poisoned potato
    4. Start building a farm
    5. Burned by lava
    6. SECRET UNDERWATER GLASS HIDEOUT! (especially in real life)
    7. Play Minecraft!

  6. Zoe.Z

    I went to a hose race, and it was cool. We saw the fireworks , they where laud and nice. We got home at 11.00 pm. We need to wait for 2 hr.

  7. Erin

    I love Minecraft a lot and I have three different versions of it.
    I love to watch Minecraft videos!!!

  8. i have minecraft on my computer

    I love minecraft I have 2 houses 1 to hide from the creeper and another for decoration

  9. midsummerastonishing10

    1.fall off pit
    2.sugar potion
    3.rotten flesh
    4.build a farm
    5.trapped in a dungeon
    6.secret underwater glass hideout
    7.play minecraft

  10. robinb14

    1. Be attacked by a zombie.
    2. Drink a sugar potion to run faster.
    3.Rotten flesh ( cause there may be a little chance you might not get food poisoning.)
    4.Start building a farm.
    5.Get trapped in a dungeon.
    6.Secret underwater glass hideout.
    7.Play Minecraft

  11. swampeating11

    #1 zombie
    #2 sugar potion
    #3 rotten flesh
    #4 farm
    #5 trapped in a dungeon
    #6 underwater glass hideout
    #7 play minecraft because I don’t get to play and I can always watch videos

  12. swampeating11

    My friend just introduced me to minecraft but I LOVE it. I like creative mode better because I like going around and building or destroying stuff.

  13. amethystautumn34

    1. Be attacked by a zombie(it doesn’t say get killed by one)
    2. Drink a sugar potion to run faster(I love to run fast so I can get places easier)
    4. start building a farm(I absolutely Love farming! As long as there are animals. I always need to be busy)
    5. Get trapped in a dungeon(I can always mine my way out!)
    4. Build a roller coaster!(I love to make roller coasters! And I could make it lead to a base…)
    7. Play Minecraft!(Duh! I love love love love minecraft! watching other people play it isn’t the same fun!)

  14. whalecake17

    1.attacked by zombie
    2.golden carrot potion
    3.rotten flesh
    4.digging a mine
    5.get trapped in dungeon
    6.roller coaster
    7.play minecraft