April 29, 2014

Minecraft Would You Rather Quiz

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Minecraft)Minecraft Would You Rather

It’s the game that’s taking over the world and has people totally obsessed. It’s like building with LEGO bricks, becoming an engineer, and a little bit of killing zombies. You know what I’m talking about: MINECRAFT.

If you play Minecraft, you will like today’s Would You Rather Quiz. And if not, these choices might intrigue you anyway! So jump in. Would you rather . . .Minecraft Redstone Handbook book cover

1. Be attacked by a zombie OR fall off a bottomless pit?

2. Drink a sugar potion to run faster OR a golden carrot potion to see better in the dark?

3. Eat a poison potato OR rotten flesh?

4. Start digging a mine OR start building a farm?

5. Get trapped in a dungeon OR burned by lava?

6. Build a secret underwater glass hideout OR build a roller coaster?

7. Play Minecraft OR watch videos of people playing Minecraft?

Let us know your answers in the Comments below. Before nightfall . . . and the Creepers come out.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Dustin

    1. Be attacked by zombies. I like to take chances.
    2. Golden carrot potion. Because I’m very adventurous and I’ll go out in the middle of the night if I have to.
    3. Eat a poison potato. I don’t like rotten flesh.
    4. Start digging a mine. Because I really want to get a diamond sword.
    5. Get trapped in a dungeon because you can always kill what is spawning in there.
    6. Build a secret underwater glass hideout. Because no mobs can get me there.
    7. Play Minecraft!!

  2. garrett

    be attacked by a zombie,golden carrot potion,poison potato,building a farm,trapped in a dungen,secret underwater glass hideout,PLAY MINECRAFT,its only 3:00 o`clock

  3. smart

    1 attacked by zombies
    2 eat a golden carrot potion to see better in the dark
    3 eat rotten flesh
    4 start digging a mine
    5 get trapped in a dungeon
    6 build a secretunderwater glass hideout
    7 play minecraft

  4. nomadsea11

    I really like this would u rather quiz i love the computer version so fun!Their is a black ops server its the best!The best mode in plan is…INFECTION!!!!!

    1. nomadsea11

      I’d rather..be attacked by a zombie.2 a golden carrot potion.3 eat a poison potato.4 build farm.5 get burned.6 secret under water hideout (which i have one in one of the square ice holes were the sea is).7 both because i like mine craft and seeing the mods.Minecraft is fun!

  5. Ava

    1. Zombie

    2. How about BOTH?

    3. Poison Potato

    4. Farm

    5. Whichever ends me quicker

    6. secret underwater glass hideout (SUGH)


  6. BeastlyPorkChop5

    1. Zombie.
    2. Golden Carrot.
    3. Rotten Flesh.
    4. Mine.
    5. Dungeon.
    6. Underwater Hideout.
    7. Play Minecraft.

  7. Conrad

    1. zombie 2. sugar potion 3. rotten flesh 4. digging a mine 5. get trapped in a dungeon 6. build a secret underwater glass hideout 7. watch videos of people playing minecraft.;)

  8. WizardEagle20

    1. fall of a bottomless pit!
    2. Drink a sugar potion to run faster (I can already see pretty well, I choose this so I can run away from the zombies!)
    4. Start digging a mine (hopefully I’ll find gold or diamonds!!!)
    5. Get trapped in a dungeon (I can have SOME time left and explore the dungeon!)
    6. A secret underwater hideout with a roller coaster inside! :P
    7. PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. anonymous

    1).be attacked by a zombie

    2).golden carrot potion to see better in the dark

    3).eat rotten flesh

    4).start building a mine

    5).get trapped in a dungeon

    6).build a secret underwater glass hideout

    7).play minecraft

  10. wafflesurpised13

    1.Attacked by a zombie
    2.eat a sugar potion
    3.Rotten flesh
    4.dig a mine
    5.burned by lava (a tiny bit)
    6.underwater hideout
    7.watch videos


  11. awesomesreen49

    1 fall off a botomless pit
    2. sugar potion
    3.poision patato
    4. build a farm
    5. trapped in a doungen
    6.underwater glass hideout
    7.play minecraft

  12. Gold fire 1210

    1*Be attack by a zomibe 2*golden carrot 3*rotten flesh 4*trapped in a dungeon 5*start digging a mine 6*bulid a roller coaster 7* play Minecraft

  13. BullHorse123

    Amazing! You really know about MindCraft. It’s like, ” Omg She’s a MindCraft GENIUS!!!”