April 14, 2014

Blobfish Caption

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Image courtesy the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

You may remember this little fella from our Dog with a Blog Would You Rather post last month. Judging by your comments, you guys seemed to really like this blobby guy. And by “like,” I mean you thought it was the most disgusting thing you ever saw.

DogBlue5029 said, “What is that?”
BloodhoundBlue840 said, “What the heck is that big sloppy thing that looks like it’s drooling?”
ArtPink725 said, “I would not kiss the blobfish.”
CherriesHamster14 said, “Who would want to even touch a blobfish?”
Aqi said, “I know! Who on EARTH would kiss a blobfish?! It looks like it is DROOLING!!!!!”

Well, you’ve had your say. Now let’s give the blobfish a chance to say what’s on its mind. Write a caption for what you think this creature is thinking. Leave your caption in the Comments, and remember to be kind! The blobfish has feelings, too, you know!

image from kids.scholastic.com— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Ren

    Caption: “Why doesn’t anyone love me? (Or kiss me?)”
    ~Wolfghost509 or RenLovesCheese or Whatever you wanna call me

  2. indigobloodhound93

    if u watch this funny video by brizzy voices that’s called what sound dose it make challange

  3. dramaamazing34

    WHAT?!!?! Is that I know that it says it is called a “blobfish” but are we REALLY sure what that really is

    1. eagerturtle15

      I agree poor blobfish I don’t want to sound weird but blobfish are actually mutated fish because of oil spills so those of you who think he is ugly get people to stop putting garbage in our oceans

      PS I think blobfish are beautiful along with everyone else in the world

  4. squalllime9

    I think it looks adorable. It not its fault that it was created like that. I would kiss the blobfish.

    1. dramaamazing34

      Maybe I could give it a chance to be my favorite pet but …. YOU never know!
      it kind of does look cute from an angle

    2. bulldogangel92

      i like your comment not many people are being nice to the blobfish thank you though.Blobfishes are some of my favorite animals by the way.Once again thank you for saying ths

  5. dogdog13348

    what ever it is it looks nice but in the picture he or she looks sad because people are making mean commints about he or she.

  6. kayla

    What’s the thing over there it is furry on its head and walks on 2 feet and also it is skinny
    (A human)

  7. Scarletcherries

    That Blob fish is probably thinking, “I’m so depressed. No one likes my blob face. Wow…I was not expecting people to gag at the sight of my new look.”

  8. Andy101le

    the Blobfish is awesome and GROSS at the same time.you should make more gross fish pictures.the Blobfish is still COOL!!!!!

  9. fashionkitten209

    It’s not my fault I’m called a blobby-whatever.I’m actually pretty handsome.my wife says so every day.not only that she kisses me every day AND she on earth.humans are very insulting

  10. cupcakecollector12

    The blobfish is a little chubby, or odd-looking, but I agree that the blobfish has feelings too. I found out that “Psychrolutes marcidus” is the scientific name for a “blobfish”, and I would hug a blobfish right away if I could! :)

  11. breezebrain39

    “I’m a sad litte blobfish. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you know. I guess this is what happens when you use lotion for dogs. You get a skin infection.”