February 14, 2014

Dog with a Blog Would You Rather

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G Hannelius in Dog with a BlogDog with a Blog Would You Rather

One of the biggest stars on TV now happens to be a talking dog, which means we could only be talking about Stan in Dog with a Blog. Last month, we posted an interview with G Hannelius, and since you guys couldn’t get enough, we now give you a Dog with a Blog Would You Rather.

You know the characters. You know the stories. You know the doggie drama. Now tell us, would you rather . . .

  1. Have Karl Fink as your annoying next door neighbor OR kiss this blobfish?


    Image credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  2. Have to eat a bite of raw steak OR (Stan’s favorite) a cup of peanut butter?
  3. Have Chloe OR Zuri (from Jessie) as a little sister?
  4. Have to pick up Stan’s doggie doo OR eat his dog food?
  5. Be a character on Dog with a Blog OR have G Hannelius as your sister in real life?
  6. Ellen and Bennett (the parents) have a new baby OR get a talking cat?
  7. See Stan fall in love with a crazy poodle OR a baby dolphin?
  8. Be a guest star in the Episode “Stan Talks to Gran?” Where Grama finds out Stan’s secret? OR the episode “Tyler Gets a Grillfriend” where Tyler works in the food truck and gets a girlfriend?
  9. Wear all of Avery’s clothes from the show, or go on a $500 shopping spree for your own clothes?

Fetch us your answers, and leave them in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. adorabledolphin237

    1. Having Karl Fink as a neighbor ’cause who wants to even TOUCH a blobfish???
    2. Totally peanut butter because I LOVE peanut butter!
    3. I’m not sure because they are both OK
    4. Picking up dog poop because your gonna use the plastic bag anyways so who cares?
    5. Totally have G as a sister because she is so cool and I’ve always wanted a big sister (I’m the oldest of 3 younger people)
    6. Get a talking cat because that would be so cool
    7. See stan fall in love with a crazy poodle cause that would be so funny
    8. I don’t know because I haven’t watched any of those episodes
    9. 500 dollar shopping spree because I can just buy all of G’s clothes from the show.

  2. BlueBasketball1055

    Karal as my neighbor
    raw steak
    pick up poop
    be a character
    new baby
    crazy poodle
    Stan talks to gran
    shopping spree

  3. Lauren

    Kiss the blobfish… ADORABLE. A cup of peanut butter… duh! (no offense, Stan) Chole! Shes soooo hilarious! Dog doo…. i can’t take the smell of dog food! A Dog with a blog character… i love to act. Number six….. do i need to say more? See Stan fall in love with a baby dolphin!(i have my reasons) And now im offically bored.

  4. Mia

    a #1 Karl a#2 cup of peanut butter a#3 Chloe a#4 doggie do a#5 character on dog with a blog a#6 talking cat a#7 baby dolphin a#8 Tyler gets a girlfriend a#9 500$ shopping spree so theirs my answers! hope you reply to my message!

  5. Aqi

    karl neighbor
    peanut buttah
    Chloe(i don’t know who they are)
    poo picker-upper
    g hannelius as sister, duh!
    talking cat!
    crazy poodle (i like dolpins, so that offends me…)
    stan talks tah gran
    500 dollar shopping spree!!!!!

  6. cra cra

    Karl as my neighbor
    cup of peanut butter
    dog food
    be a character on Dog with The Blog
    talking cat
    crazy poodle
    Stan Talks to Gran
    $500 shopping spree!!!

  7. peter

    I love buzz becase I get lean and I leaning ok ok so be ok ok ok I am stalling ok so I am going to help you I am good ok ok so be nice ok ok I am doing a leaning and teaching you and I not being good becase I am a gg! ok be good ok be good ok

  8. Kyla

    1. Karl as an annoying next door neighbor
    2. A cup of peanut butter
    3. Zuri
    4. Pick up Stan’s doggie doo
    5. G Hannelious as my sister
    6. Have a new baby
    7.Crazy Poodle
    8. Stan talks to Gran
    9. Wear all of Avery’s clothes Stan’s clothes I never get new ones

  9. awesomepanda72

    1. Karl Fink as my neighbor
    2.cup of peanut butter
    3.Chloe, she’s SO cute! :)
    4.the dog food, but it depends if I only need to eat it once or for like the rest of my life.
    5.Have G Hannelius as a sister because as a character on the show, it doesn’t last forever, have her as my sister does.
    6.talking cat- now that would be interesting
    7.poodle- it would just be weird with a dolphin
    8.Stan talks to Gran
    9.for my own clothes- some of her clothes can be kinda weird.

  10. Whatsup

    1) karl
    2) Peanut butter
    3 )Zuri
    4) dog poo
    5) be a character on dog with a blog
    6) baby
    7) poodle
    8)Tyler gets a girlfriend
    9) Shopping spree

  11. bloodhoundblue840

    what the heck is that big sloppy thing that looks like its drooling.(I didn’t read the whole thing not even a word of it.)and it looks like it has a big nose and eyes to.