January 2, 2014

Whatever After: Name the Book Part 2!

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WhateverAfterBlogPost[2]YOU choose the book title!

Last year, we asked STACKS readers to vote for the title of an upcoming Whatever After book. Author Sarah Mlynowski appreciated your help so much that you get to pick the title of the sixth book in the series, too! That’s right, YOU get to decide the title of the next Whatever After book!

For those of you not familiar with the series, in each book Abby and her younger brother visit a different fairy tale and accidentally mess up the stories. They have to fix everything so the characters can have their happy endings.

Book 6 takes Abby to the story of Beauty and the Beast. Which do you think would be the best title for the story?

Title Choices:

  • Sitting Pretty
  • Beautylicious
  • Beauty Queen

UPDATE: This poll is now closed. The winner is Beauty Queen! Thanks for voting! Visit scholastic.com/whateverafter to learn more about the books and to play the dress up game.

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  1. Maddie

    I think you should pick Beauty Queen,but you should be able to pick what ever you want you are the auther.ps. i love your book serious.

  2. Sophie D

    Depends on the book. But Beautylicious sounds more like a makeup guide than a book name, get the point? Beauty Queen i think would suit the book, but i don’t know. Sitting Pretty is like, sit down correctly, Belle! Like she’s a princess already. But, hey, i don’t know the true meaning. I’m just a kid :3. Although, Beauty Queen works if some of her personality atmostshperes. Sitting Pretty goes with the other books perfectly, and, well, sounds kind of like the movie. My two besties are Beauty Queen and Sitting Pretty!!

    1. karinammariee

      I have changed my mind because of your you make a great point SITTING PRETTY is my vote now

  3. Ally

    I don’t read these books; nor would I want to because I hate fairy tales, except Zelda, which doesn’t count. My mom compares Link to an elf and it’s SO annoying.

  4. tomi

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