January 21, 2014

SPONSORED POST Club Penguin Online Safety

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CP.blog[1]Online Safety Starts With You

This blog post is sponsored by Club Penguin.

The internet is packed with games, cool people, and more, but are you surfing safely? When you go online, let’s say, to visit INK SPLOT 26 (!), are you being a smart, thoughtful “digital citizen?”

There’s a world of information to explore on the web. Whenever you plant yourself in front of a computer in your classroom, in your kitchen, or when you switch on your tablet in your living room, you’ve suddenly got games, new music, news articles, and chats RIGHT at your fingertips.

CRAZY, right? The digital world is sometimes a lot to handle. So what does it mean to be safe online? Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when you’re plugged in:

• Be COOL: Never write mean or hurtful things online.
• Be HEARD: Tell a trusted adult if something bothers you online.
• Be SAFE: Protect your personal information. Never share passwords or private details.

Remember, online safety starts with YOU, so it’s up to you to surf safely! Let us know what you think it means to be a smart digital citizen. Share your ideas in the Comments below.

This blog post is sponsored by Club Penguin.

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  1. Robert

    i’ve played club penguin befor and its safety is phenomenal you get banned if you say a “bad word” so it is great try it

  2. bluemonkey956

    i love safety even if it is for like do not road acoss the sreet i think it is stupid but is there for a reason

  3. WinterNinja3

    It’s a really good idea to stay safe online. I try to follow all of those rules when I am online :) Here’s some of my suggestions

    Be SECURE: Never go to a website your not sure about, ask a parent first
    Be YOURSELF: Don’t try to be someone your not when your online (Unless it’s a role play or the other person knows your kidding)


      First I suggest that you create an avatar. Then go to your profile and click “add more” to add wigets to your profile. After that, check out all of the cool stuff you have access to!