January 29, 2014

January Books of the Month

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Recommend Me!It’s Books of the Month time!

At the end of December, I asked you all to tell me what books you were reading so we could see which books were most popular. After I made a word cloud, I think it was pretty clear that Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson were in the lead! This month, however, some new titles are in the running for most popular.

January books of the month word cloud

Let’s keep this going! What books are you reading right now? Tell me in the Comments, and I’ll add them to a word cloud at the end of next month. Can’t wait to see which title reigns supreme!

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  1. Adventurepegasus10

    I’m reading From Norvelt to Nowhere (ages 10-14)
    Btw, once again the book I put in Dec. books of the month(to kill a mockingbird (not a kids’ book)) isn’t here

  2. natalie

    Wings of fire shoud be on this list its a really goog book i read the 4 books in the series and there great! i don’t like wings of fire I love it!

  3. wingsdolphin27

    well i love dear dumb diary it’s a great series do you anyone cau’se read it it’s awesome the author is jim benton

  4. catlaptop34

    I read a biography of Gwen Stefani, I’m reading Miss You, Mina, Trouble According to Humphrey, Dear Dumb Diary #3, Am I The Princess Or The Frog?, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and I read Magic Tree House, Haunted Castle On All Hallows Eve.

  5. WhiteTiger862

    i like the immortal instruments series their really good more for 8th grade and up but still really good cause i was only in 6th when i started reading them.