December 10, 2013


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Minecraft book coverGET MORE OUT OF MINECRAFT!!

Have you just discovered the magical world of Minecraft? Or are you an expert who’s been at it for months? Either way, this is the book for you.

Minecraft: Essential Handbook is the only official guide available, and it includes tips and secrets that will help players whether they’re beginners or experts. For instance, do you know how to look at an Endermen without getting attacked? Or how to build a roller coaster cart system? You can find the answers in this book . . . and so much more—including exclusive interviews with Notch, the creator of Minecraft, and Jeb, Minecraft’s lead developer.

Check out the pages below (or click here for the pdf). Each has an essential tip to help you excel at Minecraft. Crafting a bed in MinecraftMinecraft table of elementsMinecraft Skeleton ProfileMinecraft exploring

What is your favorite part of Minecraft? Do you prefer to play in creative or survival mode? Who do you think is scarier: zombies or skeletons? What’s the coolest thing you’ve built or seen in your Minecraft travels? Let us know in the Comments.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have that book. I like the building. I’ve built a flying castle in PE. I think skeletons are scarier because they can shoot from far away, and otherwise they’re the same.

  2. Robert h.

    i read the books and at the end of the redstone book it said combat book and i really want it so bad that i would give my allowance away.

  3. adoriblekitten348

    the building,creative,zombies(in natural texture)skelitons(in fantisy texture),pikachu inn

  4. Charlie

    This is a GREAT way for people who are Newer to Minecraft to learn about the game’s Mobs, Blocks, and more. The only problem I have with it is people who have played for Two years or more have nothing to learn. MINECRAFTERS UNITE! Lol

  5. matthew

    Thank god I want a good day. It was a little more than one 40 I am a beautiful person, and I will add a comment.