December 9, 2013

Christmas Puppy Create a Caption

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createacaptionCreate a Caption: Arima’s Christmas

Look how cute Arima is wearing that little velvet Santa hat and bandana! It looks like he is anxiously awaiting his family members to celebrate the holiday together!


Here’s my caption: “Oh, I hope I get a new squeaky toy this year! And a ball! And a comfy new doggy bed! Wait . . . what is that?! I think I smell a milk-bone in my Christmas stocking!”

What do you think? Write YOUR caption for this Christmas cutie in the comments!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

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  1. adorabledog145

    “Rudolf the red nose puppy, had a very keen nose. And if you ever saw him, he would even smell your toes!”

  2. vampirebloodhound66

    this dos is so cute omg I used to have one but he died of old age thank god he was the only really smart dog we had lol.

  3. MidnightBoggart17

    “I’m the Santa this year! A doggy bone for you….. a milk bone for you! Woof, woof, woof! Merry Christmas!”