December 27, 2013

Cameron Boyce Interview

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Cameron Boyce photoCameron Boyce, a.k.a. Luke Ross from Jessie!

Are you a fan of Jessie? We definitely are! We were lucky enough to catch up with Cameron Boyce, who stars as Luke Ross on the show, to talk about being good to the planet and the importance of reading books—even baby books. Read more below!

Q: What kind of things do you do to be environmentally friendly?
 We plant trees and we try to cut down on garbage and stuff like that. We try to make a constant effort, so it’s not just on Earth Day.

Q: What is your favorite book of all time?
Cameron: I have a lot of good ones, and I like baby books too! Yeah, a lot of baby books are well known in my family. There’s one with a bird and a rabbit. It’s a baby book, but I don’t know the name of it exactly. My parents say that when I was a baby, I would not even look at the book and know every single word. If they said “with” instead of “and,” I would correct them. My parents thought I was super-smart! (laughs)

Q: What’s your best advice to kids your age today?
Cameron: Keep on reading; it’s really important, and everybody’s job involves reading—including mine. So you have to keep it up!

– En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

Interview by Sue Schneider
Photo courtesy of Disney Channel

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  1. Sofia

    Cameron, I think that you’re a great inspiration and that evryone should kkep reading and if they’re already reading to read more. I love planting trees and everything. I also do love baby books. They’re just so cute and so easy and sometimes those little stories just pull you in. A bit to far and you just want ot scream, “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Ha ha. Good luck on your show and i absolutly LOVE Jessie and you. :)

  2. Drea

    I think that Luke is good dancer I think. I love Jessie! I think Debby Ryan is cute. I wonder how old she is?

  3. blackbear3568

    Luke don’t be afraid of Conny. She just really loves you. If you go along with it she will stop stalking you.

  4. Jamie

    Luke I wish I could meet you. I really love you.I am in 6th grade about to go into 7th grade and school is about over in July 6th is when we get out of school but I love your jamming when you are in sunglasses.

  5. Jamie

    I love Luke on Jessie i watch it all day long if my parents would let me that is how much i love Luke