December 2, 2013

Book Nerd Writing Prompt

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writing_prompt_bookBook Nerd and Proud!

You’d rather finish your book than watch TV. You drop food on your book because reading and eating dinner at the same time is challenging (my sincere apologies to the Pleasant Hills Public Library!). Your mom tells you you’re going to Disney World, but you just look up from your book and say . . . “Huh?” Admit it – you’re a book nerd, and proud of it!

Today’s Writing Prompt is for you. Finish this sentence. . .

booknerd We can’t wait to hear what you guys say in the Comments below! Be proud and read ON!

–Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Ariella

    you stroll in the halls with a book that’s filled with WORDS and stare at it for over a hour! I think I’m describing myself! LOL

  2. aquadolphin3925

    I know I’m a book nerd when I take a chapter book to lunch and read instead of eat and then after lunch comes recess which is when I finish reading instead of playing

  3. Pottergirl

    I’m a BOOK NERD!! And I’m really proud of being obsessed with it. I read The Hunger Games trilogy in less than three days and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I know I’m book nerd, when I realize my best friend is a book, when I prefer books, instead of TV or video games or when I wait to do something else right after a finish a page and it becomes a whole chapter or the whole book.

  4. Hannah

    You know you’re a book nerd when you imagine your surroundings as part of your book.
    You know you’re a book nerd when you draw scenes from your book.
    You know you’re a book nerd when you read underneath your desk at school.
    You know you’re a book nerd when you scream when you hear a new addition of your favorite series is coming out.
    You know you’re a book nerd when a new episode of your favorite show is on, but you read anyway.

  5. Anna

    You know you’re a book nerd when you keep saying” Just one more page,just one more page” until your parents yell at you to go to bed. This has happened to me many times.

  6. Anonymous

    when you keep saying “Just one more page, just one more page.” until your parents yell at you to go to bed. Happened to me once.

  7. Anonymous

    You know you’re a book nerd when you trip up saying a word because you have read it in your favorite book so many times but never said it out loud.

  8. bluepurple370

    Yes it happens to everyone. When you are refusing to do anything or to eat anything. Like you rather read than watch television or you rather read than eat food. I do that sometimes. When the book so good that you can’t do anything else but read.

  9. Isabella

    You know that you’re a book nerd when you read all night and then in the morning you say: “Uh oh! I read all night” and then you go to school with your homework not done, and then you fall asleep in class.

  10. Jolie

    You know when your a book nerd when you read a new book you never heard of before, loved it, and wished you had more books just like it! You don’t want to get out of the book. You just keep reading! When I first read a How I Survived Middle School book I could not stop reading it!

  11. gigglymonkey118

    when you stay up past 2 to finish a book then realize you did not do homework and only stop reaading when you gotta pee badliy

  12. breezebrain39

    You know you are a book nerd when you get an “A+” in reading, say no to getting a bunch of money because you are reading your newly finished, self written book, when you have a HUGE collection of bookmarks and books that you’ve read more than twice, and, when you can’t sleep surrounded by books!

  13. Firegirl

    I think your a nerd when you get so lost in a book that when you sleep you turn your self into Catnes or a really Awsome book character. :)

  14. Cierra

    You Know your a book nerd when you can spell everything and when you wake up at 3:00 in the morning to finish a book.