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October 21, 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Treat Who Would Win

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Chocolate vs. Apples . . . Who Would Win?

This Halloween, which awesome treat would you rather receive when trick-or-treating in your neighborhood? Would you go bobbing for apples or pick the classic chocolate bar?

Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!

Leave your vote in the Comments below! Not to influence your vote or anything, but today is National Apple Day. Just sayin’. May the most fright-tastic treat win!

–Amanda, STACKS InternPlain Chocolate4292-90060

October 18, 2013

G Hannelius as Avery in Dog with a Blog

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G Hannelius Interview

16-year-old G Hannelius plays Avery on Dog with a Blog. Find out more about her in this interview!

You might remember her from way back in a movie with Hutch Dano called Den Brother. A few things you need to know about Dog with a Blog if you haven’t seen it before: 1) It also stars Blake Michael as the older brother, and Francesca Capaldi as the younger sister. 2) G wears the absolute cutest clothes and jewelry for this show! and, oh yeah, 3) the dog talks.

Q: Who nicknamed you G? Do you ever go by Genevieve?
G: When I was a baby, people called me baby G and ever since then I’ve gone by G. My grandmother is basically the only person who calls me Genevieve.

Q: Describe Avery on Dog with a Blog. Would she be your friend in real life?G Hannelius in Dog with a Blog
G: Avery is hardworking, ambitious, and smart. I think she is so kind to her friends and I’d be very lucky to have her as my friend.

Q: What’s it like working with Stan the dog on set?
When we are sitting in the family room set, even if we are just relaxing, and the dog walks by, he will run and jump on the couch with his toy and he wants you to play with him. It’s really cute and funny.

Q: What book would you recommend to a friend? What book do you think Avery would recommend?
G: I would recommend A Day in the Life in Ancient Rome and I think Avery would recommend the same thing!

Q: What literary character would you like to play in a movie?
G: Juliet in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Q: What flavor ice cream would you invent?
G: Ain’t Nothin But a G Thang: chocolate/raspberry ice cream.

Q: What is an unusual talent most people don’t know you have?
I write poetry.

Q: What is one thing you wish everyone would do to make the world a better place?
G: Be kind to one another.

Q: What is the best book you ever read?
G: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

Q: Food you could not live without?
G: Fish taco.

Q: A perfect day would include?
G: Going to set, swimming with my friends, then bike-riding to get gelato.

Q: Personal motto or favorite quote?
 Loud and proud.

Are you a G fan? Leave a Comment to let us know what you think of her in Dog with a Blog. And take our Dog with a Blog Would You Rather Quiz.
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

October 17, 2013

STACKS Creative Writing Team: A Night of Fright

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novelSTACKS Creative Writing Team

Welcome to another meeting of the STACKS Creative Writing Team! For those Stackers who may be joining us for the first time, the STACKS Creative Writing Team collaborates to write original short stories right here on Ink Splot 26! I begin by posting the first chapter of a story here on the blog. Then, you head over to the Fan Fiction Message Board to submit your own version of where you think the story should go. Finally, check back next week to see if we used part of your story!

Our next story is a Halloween themed tale, inspired by Jennifer Stone’s Story Starter! Some Stackers have already submitted their stories in the Comments of that post, including some incredibly spooky tales from Olivia, Chloee, Jennifer, and Elle. They were so good, I decided to create my own story as well! Go grab a candy apple or a black cat and enjoy the beginning of our latest story, “A Night of Fright.” Then, submit your chapter on the Night of Fright message board thread. Enjoy!

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October 17, 2013

School Council Elections

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electiondayElection Day . . . for Students!

With a new school year, comes a new student council. This extracurricular activity is a great way for you to play a more active role in your school community, and learn about leadership and government. As a student council member, you serve as a representative for your classmates and share their ideas and concerns with teachers and school administrators at weekly or monthly meetings. Positions may include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and fundraising officer, either for each grade or for the whole school.  You usually have to write and present a speech to your class explaining why this position is right for you, and what you would do to help the school once elected.

Here are some tips for running in a school election:

  • Take out a pen and some paper and brainstorm ways to improve your school if you were to be elected as a student council leader. Would you consider planning fundraisers like car washes or bake sales? Do you want better soap in the bathrooms or cool Band-Aids in the nurse’s office? Should there be another vending machine in the cafeteria with healthier snack options?
  • Now begin to develop a campaign. How will other students know to vote for you and know where you stand on school issues? Ask your siblings or friends to help you design campaign posters. Put your name and picture and a catchy slogan or a few things that you will promise to do for your fellow classmates. Introduce yourself to new people in your school and tell them why you think they should vote for you in the election. Also ask what their personal ideas are. Together, you can make your school an even better place!

Why not take a stand? Why don’t YOU run for school office this year? You might be able to make your school a better place.

–Amanda, STACKS intern

October 16, 2013

Goosebumps Monster Mash

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Mummies, vampires, werewolves, living dummies, oh my! No Goosebumps story is complete without a monstrous villain to terrorize the hero (and us readers!). No matter how evil these monsters are, they are what make R. L. Stine’s books so addictive. Imagine if all the Goosebumps villains from all the different Goosebumps books met up for the ultimate fright fest? Now that’s a party sure to be horror-ble!GB_BkCovers

Which Goosebumps ghoul is your favorite?

October 16, 2013

Killer Species

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Killer Species: Menace from the Deep by Michael P. Spradlin

As an aviary specialist, Emmet’s dad, Dr. Doyle, gets sent to do environmental work all around the country, so Emmet has no choice but to go along. Emmet is not happy to leave his beloved Montana for hot, humid, and mildew-scented Florida.

Once there, Dr. Geaux takes them to the Everglades lab, where she is the park superintendent, because they have found something unusual: an alligator with aviary qualities the likes of which would have been found in prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth. How did this animal get here and why?

It turns out that someone is dead set on restoring the Everglades to its natural state – going to the extreme of breeding snake-killing pterogators. But are the pterogators going to help the environment, or kill everything in it?

This story will leave you with your skin tingling from excitement. If you are an adventure-lover who enjoys a bit of science-fiction on the side, this book is for you! Read a sample chapter, and tell us how you like this book!


October 14, 2013

October 15: National Grouch Day

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Get in a bad mood. It’s National Grouch Day!

According to Sesame Street Magazine, October 15th is National Grouch Day. Finally, an excuse to be grouchy!  If you’re tired of always seeing the bright side of things, then this (kind-of-sort-of) official holiday is for you.

Legend has it that Jim Henson (creator of The Muppets) used to go to a restaurant where the waiter was so grumpy that it was almost comical. He kept going back because he was so interested in the waiter, and he eventually developed Oscar the Grouch after him. The name of the restaurant was Oscar’s Tavern! See? Grouches can be inspiring!

How does one celebrate National Grouch Day, you might ask? Well, according to Oscar the Grouch’s recent Internet posting (yes, Oscar the Grouch posts online!) you should do the following:

  • When someone says, “Good morning!” respond with, “What’s good about it?!”
  • If asked, “How are you feeling?” reply with, “None of your business.”
  • When someone inquires, “What time is it?” tell them to go buy a watch.

Wait. What? That’s kind of mean! I know most of you are not naturally grouchy so celebrating this day might be tough. But everybody, even the nicest person in the world, gets grouchy sometimes. For today’s Writing Prompt, we want to know. . . .

GrouchyLet us know in the Comments below. And have a rotten day! Just kidding!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

October 13, 2013

STACKS Creative Writing Team: The Runaway Chapter 6

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novelSTACKS Creative Writing Team

All good things must come to an end. This will be the final chapter of the STACKS Creative Writing Team’s first story “The Runaway.” A big thank you to all who contributed! Also, make sure to tune in next week, as we start a new spooky story together. It will be based on Jennifer Stone’s awesome writing prompt!

If you missed any part of the story, check out Chapter 1Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5. Then, when you’re all caught up, make sure to check out Chapter 6 below. Enjoy!

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October 11, 2013

Laura Marano UNICEF Ambassador

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marano130Laura Marano Is the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Ambassador

The United Nations Children’s Fund (a.k.a. UNICEF) works in more than 190 countries to improve children’s lives, providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief, and more. Their goal is for ZERO children to die from preventable causes and every child to have a safe and healthy childhood. This year, Laura Marano, star of Austin and Ally, has been named the 2013 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Ambassador. Every year since 1950, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has helped provide medicine, nutrition, and clean water to children around the world.

You know the STACKS is all about Kid Power so we love this story about a celebrity helping to make the world a better place. Read what Laura has to say about the experience.

Q: Why did you get involved with UNICEF?
Laura: I have always wanted to be a part of a philanthropic organization that helps people around the world, and let’s be honest, UNICEF is one of the most amazing organizations to do just that! I have heard about Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF since I’ve been a little girl, and I think it’s extremely important to give back. The amazing thing about Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF is that it not only helps kids all over the world who are not as fortunate as we are here, but it also provides a fun, easy way for kids here to get involved and give back. What person wouldn’t want to be involved with such an awesome campaign? I’m so excited to celebrate Halloween this year by encouraging kids to support UNICEF’s lifesaving work. The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign is a fun, easy way for kids to learn about world issues and to help other kids who are less fortunate.

Q: Why should kids take part in the UNICEF Trick-or-Treat program?
Through Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF, kids can raise money for other children, and help them get food, clean water, education, supplies, and so much more. Plus, it’s also super fun and easy to do!

Q: Any story or experience with UNICEF that has touched your heart?
Laura: I have learned so many things from UNICEF that have truly broken my heart. I found out that in certain countries, there are children who do not have birth certificates. This fact basically means they do not exist in those countries. That hit me so hard — to not exist in your own country. Also, everything that has been happening in Syria is so upsetting. There are over 3 million children who are being affected by violence and who are not being heard. That’s where UNICEF steps in. Truthfully, that’s why I love working with UNICEF. Their whole aim is to not only make sure every child around the world is healthy, but to also give them an opportunity to have a voice.

Find out how you can get involved in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

October 10, 2013

Bullying Prevention Month

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YOU Can Help Prevent Bullying!

Bullying is no laughing matter. Everyone has been bullied or teased, but bullying is wrong and does not have to happen. It hurts everyone who is involved. It is important to think about the consequences of being a bully, witness, or a victim. Together, we can take a stand to stop bullying in schools everywhere. Take this quiz and see how you would handle these different bullying scenarios! Then click here for ways to deal with bullies. Continue reading