September 17, 2013

Class Pet Who Would Win

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Class Pet Who Would Win

Which class pet would be more awesome? Would you rather a fluffy little guinea pig or a cute little piglet?

Leave your votes in the Comments below, and may the cutest pet win! PS. Why is it called a guinea pig? It doesn’t look anything like a pig!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

pig IBR-1878726

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  1. soccermagic33

    The pig would definitely win!!!!!! A guinea pig is so normal but a pig… thats way cool and unnatural!!!!!

  2. Wedfig

    I would choose the pig. I’ve already had a Guinea Pig for 5 school years, and I’m kind of getting bored of Guinea Pigs. I want something more exotic next year. If my teacher actually got a pig next year, I would freak! I know the school needs it for better things, but they might get it, who knows?