September 17, 2013

Class Pet Who Would Win

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Class Pet Who Would Win

Which class pet would be more awesome? Would you rather a fluffy little guinea pig or a cute little piglet?

Leave your votes in the Comments below, and may the cutest pet win! PS. Why is it called a guinea pig? It doesn’t look anything like a pig!

–Amanda, STACKS Intern

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    1. I. Totally. Agree.

      Da Wittle Wiggy! HE IS SO CUTE!!! Also, II’m allergic to animal fur. My class is getting a leopard gecko as a class pet. Please reply with info on them!! :D

  1. Jennifer

    I think guinea pigs make good pets because they are not as big as a pig. Also the pigs smell horrible but the guinea pigs do not smell as bad. Also the pig are mess and mess eaters and the guinea pig eats not so mess and they are more neat and quite.

  2. elfheroine1

    I’m homeschooled and my sister has a guinea pig, and I’ve been trying to convince my dad to get me a pig.
    I have two birds and a gerbil.

  3. brooke 1027

    my sister wants a pig to win because its cute and pink.
    but I want the guinea pig to win because its quiet,less messy,easier to clean, small even when it grows up, super cuddly and could be put on the children’s desks, and it wouldn’t snort.
    [unless you like loud disturbing noises.] don’t get me wrong I love piglets but I don’t think that a pig would be a good class pet. and if you buy a small pig pen it will grow and you’ll keep having to waste time and money always shopping for pig pens that you don’t need if you just get a small guniea pig. so that’s why I think it should be a guniea pig! and that’s why my sister thinks it should be a pig! thanks for reading bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chubba

    Piggy because piggys are my second favorite animal (beavers first) and they are so cute and I would love to have one for a class pet. :{D))