September 2, 2013

Book Addiction Writing Prompt

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Book Addiction Writing Prompt

You can’t put it down. You know you should. Your family tells you to. Your teachers tell you to. But. You. Just. Can’t. Because you are so addicted to “the book!!!”

Today’s Writing Prompt is dedicated to all of you who’ve been there. You’ve done crazy stuff. You’ve forgotten to eat. You’ve worn your brother or sister’s clothes by accident.  You’ve snuck “the book” into the bathroom. (Shhhh!). Gross but true.  You’ve ignored a call from your BFF because you were with “the book.”

You’ve done it. We want to hear it. Today’s Writing Prompt dares you to complete the following:


Come clean! Leave your confessions in the Comments below.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Morgan

    Once I stayed up ’till 5:00 in the morning reading… I was SO DEAD the next day. And I tend to give books more attention than my friends too…. :)

  2. sanjida

    i read everyday before i go to sleep! but i dont have much time to sleep because most of the time, i just read and reAD AND READ!!!!! then i fall asleep……….