September 2, 2013

Book Addiction Writing Prompt

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Book Addiction Writing Prompt

You can’t put it down. You know you should. Your family tells you to. Your teachers tell you to. But. You. Just. Can’t. Because you are so addicted to “the book!!!”

Today’s Writing Prompt is dedicated to all of you who’ve been there. You’ve done crazy stuff. You’ve forgotten to eat. You’ve worn your brother or sister’s clothes by accident.  You’ve snuck “the book” into the bathroom. (Shhhh!). Gross but true.  You’ve ignored a call from your BFF because you were with “the book.”

You’ve done it. We want to hear it. Today’s Writing Prompt dares you to complete the following:


Come clean! Leave your confessions in the Comments below.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Dalveen

    I just love the Harry Potter Series! it’s so much reading them and all the books of the Harry Potter Series are so interesting!

  2. Isla

    I am totally guilty of having lost sleep over many books! Sleep is for the weak when it comes to finishing a book.

  3. i love harry potter books 8289

    at recess I read my book people are like “why do you waste your time reading at recess?” well because harry potter is awesome! I also wake up in the middle of the night and read

  4. awesomesteak17

    I was so addicted to I Funny that I read it on the bus. I didn’t get off at my stop so the bus driver thought I didn’t come on the bus. When I realize I ask the bus driver, ” Did you pass [my address]? He says he passed [my address] at 4:12 and he would gladly take me home. When I get home I see the [my town] police at my house and my mother panicking. I am no longer allowed to read a book on a bus. (LOL)

  5. Pottergirl

    I’m addicted to books. I read The Hunger games trilogy (ages 12 and up) in three days only (one for each book). But I’m especially adddicted to books like Harry Potter.
    That’s one of my firsts descriptions, I’m a bookworm. My friends get mad at me because every time they get me to go out I’m always carrying a book.

  6. Anna

    I am so addicted to books.I’ve read 2 0really big chapter books in one day. My teacher and I have a little joke. A lot of times she’s said,”Anna,even though I’m a teacher,I’m going to tell you one thing I’ve never told anyone. You need to stop reading.”

  7. P.B. Kerr booklover

    P.B. Kerr’s Children of the Lamp series (grades 5-8)is the best! I read a chapter every night! O.K. maybe more. it’s so hard to put down. I’m on book number four. It’s amazing. I’ve always wondered how people do that kind of stuff. I mean write such big books! Books are awesome! Just saying!

  8. Elisa

    I was so addicted to a book i did not eat or sleep for a whole day waiting to finish my. Now i am sad because i have nothing to read. When i was reading i felt so many emotions like i was actually their. I loved it.

  9. Alexa

    One time I was addicted to a really good, book, I couldn’t put it down!!! My mom & dad called me for dinner but I pretended not to hear…(And got in Trouble afterwards) :-) )

  10. peacefulpanda118

    i luv gal books. i especially like the Whatever After books. I pracically have the whole series!! Note: i really dislike reading non-fic

    1. dramaband49

      that is what im doing I finshed The hunger games last night started catching fire this mornind and am on page 150 already!