September 2, 2013

Book Addiction Writing Prompt

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Book Addiction Writing Prompt

You can’t put it down. You know you should. Your family tells you to. Your teachers tell you to. But. You. Just. Can’t. Because you are so addicted to “the book!!!”

Today’s Writing Prompt is dedicated to all of you who’ve been there. You’ve done crazy stuff. You’ve forgotten to eat. You’ve worn your brother or sister’s clothes by accident.  You’ve snuck “the book” into the bathroom. (Shhhh!). Gross but true.  You’ve ignored a call from your BFF because you were with “the book.”

You’ve done it. We want to hear it. Today’s Writing Prompt dares you to complete the following:


Come clean! Leave your confessions in the Comments below.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Brandon

    I have been addicted i cannot get my hands of the book. I read it 12 times in a row and i love the book so much.The book is called ’39 clues book three you have to save the world from vespers.There are 29 chapters you have to read in order to save the ‘Dead of night’.

  2. bryan

    I have before the book was name super hero. It was about the super hero was saving people from the bad guys what about you?

  3. Mariama

    My favorite book is diary of the wimp kid.I was reading the book my math teacher told me
    to put it ElA teacher told me top put it down .when i was in park I was
    reading that book and i enjoyed it.



  5. puppykitten57

    One time we finished a test in school, so we got to read until the class was over. I was reading the last harry potter book (Come on fangirls/boys you know you want to freak out over it!) and the bell rang. I was still sitting in my seat and stayed there until, like, five minutes after school was over when my teacher tapped me on the head and told me it was time to go!

  6. Addictor

    Mhm. So true…
    You can obviously my name ;)
    Okay I shall come clean and tell you all…
    I.Am.A.Percy Jackson lover.
    I can never put down those books.It is some forcefield that holds that suspended “The Book” in air. Not my hands. No my hands would be not moving either. I would stare that “The book” down. I’d even thrown it at a wall once. Then caressed it in my hands saying “Oh bookie poo I am sorry I threw you across my room. It was on purpose because Percy had disappeared and I am sad.”
    I even once had been reading the Haddix-The Missing series and jsut about died.
    I sat done reading one..and the other magically propped up in my hands, my eyelids almost shut because it was midnight. Nonstop conversion of Missing children.
    It is even hard to not tell anyone about the crazy things that happen in these books that just make them irresistible.
    Even if I am a fast reader. I shall pay no attention to anything but those cruel magically published books.
    Amazing how books just take people away…Sorry reading. I am now being taken away ;)

  7. pinkcupcake675

    I got so addicted to a book that I sat down for 3 hours and read 5 chapters. It was called DREAD LOCKS (age 12 and up)

  8. Aliyah

    I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games! everything I say, do or think about is all the hunger games! I drive my friends nuts! but hey! The Hunger Games is AMAZING! TEAM PEETA FOREVER!!!

  9. Athenahera55

    I have been so addicted to my book that I got yelled at because I did not do my work. I still read a lot. That is how much I love a good book.

  10. aaliyah

    i have been so addicted to a book that my parents grounded me from reading for 2 weeks.. ……..isn’t it supposed to be the other way around for most kids though? Yeah we’re a wacky family lol :)

  11. Sarah

    Snuck my book under my pillow at summer camp and read all night, until i finished, pretending to be asleep when anyone got up to go to the bathroom.

  12. brainwords4

    I am a BOOK LOVER.
    I LOVE books.
    I read lots of series. My favorite series is Warriors by Erin Hunter. When I read a book in that series I can’t put the book down.

  13. Manaal

    I loved Little Darlings so much my mom wouldn’t allow me to take it to school. Typical. She does that with every book I get hooked up on.