September 23, 2013

Best Friend Writing Prompt

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writing_prompt_genericBest Friend Writing Prompt

BFF beginnings? Maybe it was on the first day of kindergarten . . . or at soccer. Maybe it was at summer camp . . . or maybe you’ve known each other since you were crawling around (pooping!) in diapers. Today’s Writing Prompt invites you to share that special moment when you first met your BFF. Do you have a funny story, or place where you first met? Maybe it seems like he or she has always been a part of your life, but you must have met somewhere!


Tell all in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. Alyese

    I met my friend when she had fell and I helped her. Then she had jumped on my back. WE both started laugh she ask me if I wanted to be her friend.I said sure and ever sents Pre-k we stick together like pages on a brand new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nya

    I met my best friend in kinder garden she would play with me all the time one time she even stand up for me no one ever did that for me but then their was a day when she left and I never saw here again now I only play with Amira because she helped me get over it.thank you that was a wonderful subject

  3. Kayla

    I met my friend in school, in first grade her name was Lynn. I was new to the school, she help me out we was BFF in tel I moved. Then before I went to a new school she told me to not be someone BFF. she made me a big hug.

  4. Ashley

    I met my best friend in kindergarten. Her name is Keasia. She loves to play around. Were still friends now!! I am sure she wrote to you.Tell me did she mention me? Wait how did you meet your best friend??

  5. Racquel

    I met my best friend at my moms job because her mom and my mom where friends. After all that we went to school together we went to the school that our moms worked at. We always where in the same class, but when we made it to kindergarten and up we never was in the same class again. She always came to my house and i always came to her house. But all the years we where apart she met a different friend and i did to,but at the end we where best friends.

  6. Alyese

    I met my friend when we were at the park . She had fell and I had help her , she had ask for my name and then I we played together and now we are like pages on a brand new book.

  7. T

    I met my best friend in Pre-K , we played together for 5 years.His name was Earl, we used to have sleep overs on the weekend and have a pillow fight.

  8. Dominique

    I met my BFF by when i was playing in the playground at school and we played jump rope and song song and we had play dates and we still do.

  9. kira

    I met my best friend when I was one year old and I went to daycare we would do every thing together.Once we graduated from daycare we went to the same school but after first grade she left the school and I didn’t see her for a long time and then I saw her again and we reunited that’s how i met my VERY BEST FRIEND

  10. Kayla p

    I met my BFF in 1st grade and I was 7 years old . And she asked me” What’s your name”,
    I said ” Kayla “. And then at park we played together and had fun and that’s when I knew
    we were best friend.

  11. T

    This is the story how I met my best friend.It started when I came to a new school his was Bryan he is sooooooooooooooo tall.He was cool to.