September 23, 2013

Best Friend Writing Prompt

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writing_prompt_genericBest Friend Writing Prompt

BFF beginnings? Maybe it was on the first day of kindergarten . . . or at soccer. Maybe it was at summer camp . . . or maybe you’ve known each other since you were crawling around (pooping!) in diapers. Today’s Writing Prompt invites you to share that special moment when you first met your BFF. Do you have a funny story, or place where you first met? Maybe it seems like he or she has always been a part of your life, but you must have met somewhere!


Tell all in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. C

    i met my first BFF in 2th grade and i was 8 year old and she was 8 years old . She ask me some question and she ask if i want to be your friend i said yes her name is Racquel. we was friend 3 year and we are in 4th grade and we are in a Diffrent class . I have a nother one she is the same ting as my friend racquel.

  2. G

    How I met my best is when I was in Preschool. When I saw him I know he would be the good person for me. So I walk up to him and said what is your name? He said Wanye. I said that a cool name. He said do you want to be my best friend. I said yes. So me and Wanye became best friend. The end.

  3. Mariama

    I meet my best friend in second grade.I moved in a new school.we were at park she
    ask me if I want to play with her. I said yes.She was playing with other people.she ask
    me if you want to be best friends.I said yes.

  4. Jordan

    I like your art it really inspires me because and i met my best friend in first grade his name was Gavin he and I were best of friends we met when I just came to the school he was the only kid that took care of me and both of our favorite colors were red, and we both ran really fast and like basketball and ninja’s and that’s my story

  5. Shailai

    I met her in Gymnastics. We were warming up I was new we were running laps,Then I said ,” Hey what is your name?” She answered,” Olivia.’ She was the nicest person I had ever met there. We became friends more and as we went one day she left for a long time and when she came back I was so happy. We hugged for a long time and ever since she came back I felt more happier than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still friends we will always be.

  6. Brianna

    My best friend is Kendra. Kendra is very funny and intelligent. We met in the same class,it was my first day at a new school.We were partners in math,she asked me if we wanted to be friends.I said sure.Now, I go to her house for play dates sometimes.Sometimes shes a little sensitive,but I still hang out with her.We also had our four year anniversary.

  7. Mekhi

    The first time I met my friend was when I first went to 3rd grade.Were I met my friend was in a class and my first friend introduced me to my new friend.

  8. Synyah

    I met my best friend in summer camp. It”s a very funny and long story,we were in the same cabin and we never talked,until one day she said, “hey we never talked”so then we stated talking and then we started talking more and more and then we sat at the same table for lunch and then we became best friend,she also stated to come over my house.

  9. nyomi

    i met my best friend in pre-k and we played together at park i said whats your name and she said racquel i said want to be friends she said yes.

  10. Soraya

    I met my best friend in acrobatics! I was just cleaning up my snack getting ready for acrobatics until all of a sudden I bumped into her and we came best friends for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Amara

    I met a friend in 3rd grade. My friend was the nicest person in her class. She was so nice, her and I never fight.

  12. Kayla.B

    I met my best friend when i was in 2nd grade i was so happy i met her and she is still my best friend right in school. So this is the story my class was going to her class and we had a party and we were playing hand clapping games after that we became best best friends and that the story of us.

  13. S

    It started when we were in pre-k, I was shy then, she showed me to her friend then we played a game where we say our name and our favorite color. Then we been best friends for a long time and when i went to this place where we dressed up we saw each other again and we played again. And that’s how I meet my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ryan

    I met her when I was 3 years old in church. I was playing with my mom and I met her when my mom was talking to her and that’s when I met my BFF.

  15. Zaya

    I met my best friend in 1 grade and we siting at the same table and she help me and we start to be friend and then we were best friend.

  16. Sarah

    I met my best friend in 1st grade we shared lunch we played at park together and yet right now i am still her best friend and we love to color together we love to play at park together.

  17. i met her in the computer lab

    my best friend Alejandra and I met at school in the computer lab, Now we hang out everyday, I love my best friend Alejandra…….

  18. Artemisarrow103

    Me and my best friend are both competitive figure skaters. The day I met her was the funniest day of my life. I was 8 and she was 7. We were skating on a public session; I was coming out of a scratch spin and she was landing a waltz jump. We collided and ended upon a pile on the ice. We both gave each other confused looks and started laughing. The ice monitor came over and asked us if we were o.k., but we couldn’t answer. We were laughing too hard.

  19. Jilly

    wel my bff is my driveway. We hav nown eachothr for a loooooong tim and wen I am oldr we wil get marred I proposd to it yestrdy and it sed yes so i can’t wate