September 23, 2013

Best Friend Writing Prompt

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writing_prompt_genericBest Friend Writing Prompt

BFF beginnings? Maybe it was on the first day of kindergarten . . . or at soccer. Maybe it was at summer camp . . . or maybe you’ve known each other since you were crawling around (pooping!) in diapers. Today’s Writing Prompt invites you to share that special moment when you first met your BFF. Do you have a funny story, or place where you first met? Maybe it seems like he or she has always been a part of your life, but you must have met somewhere!


Tell all in the Comments below!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. i met her in pre-k at church

    well I was in a day care at church and when we et it was a cling we knew we were meant to be bff’s so I was so happy to finally have a friend well I am in 6th grade so we have been friends for 6 years and 5 das tommorw we celabrite our 7 years bff anervirsy.

  2. my bff seem to not notice me anymore:(

    well I was a school doing my normal stuff and my best friend usually sits by me at lunch but she decides to go sit by my worst enimie great well hope it betters

  3. Naja

    My friends name is Alexa. I have known her ever since kindergarten. we do every thing together. We are still in elementary and wishing to go to the same middle school, high school and college. I have lots of friends but no one will top Alexa.(;

    1. i will

      please don’t worry I will be your friend so talk to e back and I will send you a friend request because I a new to

  4. bluearms268

    i met my best friend in 3 grade but she was a good friend because she was a good person . we was friends for the entier school year bu then i went to diffrent school it was new it was awesome because i had old best friends their from my old school i have fun you should to.

  5. Katie

    I met my best friend at church. It was a long time ago- I can’t remember not knowing Jenna! We’ve been friends since- well, forever. We go to different schools, but we do everything together. I can’t imagine life without Jenna.

  6. puppykitten57

    Me and my BFF met in grade one. I went into the other classroom to see my friend and saw her talking to this girl. I thought she was new, but she was actually just really shy in kinder! I said hi and we started chatting. Soon we were inseperable and both HP fans!


    I’m so good at drawing and one day I saw my friend’s way of drawing and he looked at mine and that first day of class I met a new friend.

  8. elfheroine1

    She walked up to my front door, after my third move. That was in second grade. She moved to GA, were still besties, I’ve never been mad at her, we’ve never fought. We’re in 9th grade now.

  9. Farah

    I met my friend, Michelle in 1st grade. right when she took her seat, witch was in-front of me, I introduced my name. I would tell her if we want to be friends. Michelle said yes. And a month later, we found out we were ment to be friends. Since then, we were BFF’s.

  10. Jasmine

    On the first day of 6th grade in 3rd period, I sat next to a boy named Andy and a Girl named Jennifer. On the second day, A girl i didn’t know, named Gretel sat in Andy’s spot. When Andy walked in he was all like “Hey get out of my seat!” And then Gretel said “No” And then me and her laughed like crazy people. Now we are BFF’s.

    The End

  11. Thalia

    Me and my my BFF first met at school… I was the shiest kid at class and my bubbly cousin already knew her and intriduced us to each other

  12. RTandRD

    Me and my best best best friend now met when we were in grad one. The way we met was How me and Rihannon met was not exacetly what you call god, let’s just say we had a ruff How me and Rhiannon met is not exactly what you call god, lets just say we had a ruff bump into each other but it is strang that ever since that we have been sisters.Were like a bow and a tie we just can not live with out each other and we will be friends for ever and ever oh and you see how some friends will be like your my best friend for ever, and next thing you know is their not your friend any more, you see me and my sister,Rhiannon are not like that at all were sisters and we have fights sometimes but we will allways stay sisters forever and ever

  13. Sara K

    I love the Goosebumps series, they’re so interesting and Scary they’re the only books I like in the world. I so whish that the Goosebumps series went on for ever and ever. You know when I first started to read the Goosebumps series I was a little scared to be truthful, but after sometime I really started to like it and in the end they turned out to be my favourit books ever!!!!!!!!!

  14. awesomeness10

    Well my story is a little different but i first met my bff,Lillian,after she was born(8months after i was born)and my family was visiting them,but then my family went back home 6 years later we moved to their state where i was unitied with at a pajama playdate and now we are like sisters we see each other so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  15. magentadolphin135

    I met my best friend while we were bus seat buddies. As soon as we were in first grade everything went perfect.

  16. cluequeen1

    I first met my BFF, Caitlin when we met in school when I was 5 years old. She was upset because her mom went home. I cam to her and asked her if she was OK. She said I am now. WE WERE GREAT FRIENDS AFTER THAT!!! I’M STILL HER BEST FRIEND NOW!!!!!!!!