August 4, 2013

Shark Week Create a Caption

Shark Week iconShark Week Create a Caption

Are you excited it’s Shark Week? I am literally terrified of sharks so even looking at this picture makes me feel a little shaky. . . which is kind of unfair because he might be a really nice sort of shark. He might actually be saying. . . .

4201-47866“Marco? Marco? Why doesn’t anyone want to play Marco Polo with me?’”

. . . ooorrr maybe not.

What do YOU think this shark is saying? Leave your captions in the Comments. And I will try to not have nightmares about playing Marco Polo with a shark.
image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer
Photo credit: Minden Pictures/SuperStock

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  1. pinkarms110

    polo!!!!!!! remember when they released the seal and one ate it .close your mouth or a fly instead of a fish will fly in

  2. breezeambassador9

    you have some thing when you post that im not saying its bad its diffrent and cool my brother thinks its awsome how do you make 1 of these posts if you now will you please tell me I want now so I can do i want to do it my brother says you are awsome like said to him.the press had to have a talk with me i dont now why they just did.they wont let me post.